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    Post what BMX means to ya here, how it felt after that last ride to wawa to get some milk and having a bunch of people wondering, “who is the guy with the beard on the little kids bike?”.

    Well I do not know about the ride to wawa,, but when I am riding around town(in edison metuchen or plainfield) Yes people look at me. Partially because I am an african american in what is considerd a (parodon the term) white person sport. This only happens when I am in palinfield(And i would like to change the perception of bmx in the urban area’s) —

    I have been doing BMX for most of my life, I got involved in racing because it is something I always wanted to do. BUt I grew up going to trails and then riding flatland. I met this guy from Dunellen. then i met this guy from Middlesex. These 2 guys have been a big influence on me, and they have also been good freinds. Along the way I have done a few parades enterd a few contest’s (never won a damn thing, but that does not bother me) But the one thing that has driven me to continue in BMX is the freinds that I have made.

    In the course of a few years in getting involved in racing, I have made alot of freinds. Some people do not like me, and do not respect me. But I did not get involved to gain respect from anyone, I got involved because I really do love bmx.

    As a 37 year old man, who still rides a 20 inch bike(btw My parents are now realizing why i do what I do) I feel like I have come “fullcircle” in my life. I have comitted to something, When I am wearing my CJS or my state jersey, I feel proud. I am representing what means alot to me. If someone asks me what the jersey means, I expalin what I do.Sometimes, this has resulted in a person coming to the track.

    To sum this up. BMX racing has madea HUGE impact in my life. It has given me a purpose. And to those that really know me (mr. middaugh) you know where I am coming from.

    Please pardon the spelling erors this post was done from the heart.


    bmx to me?
    give me a couple days and i’ll write something up.
    i’ve got homework to do.


    I started to recreate my childhood bike two years ago.
    I wasn’t thinking at all about racing again when I started
    collecting the parts I needed for this old bike.
    Then, I see an ad for a set of old RedLine forks (like I had bitd).
    The guy’s name that is selling them is Antdog!
    So I talk to him on the phone about price and shipping….
    He says you should get a bike and come to the track. He even
    offers to put together some extra bike/parts he has just get me to try it.
    So I get a bike and go to HCBMX feeling like some kind of 40 year old rookie idiot. But I got to meet this “super promoter” named Antdog.
    I’ve got to say that knowing Antdog and the people I have met because of him
    at the track is why I go back. (and it’s a lot of fun!).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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