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    And everyone better listen up on this.
    Yea, sure it gives the older guys a reason to stick around, it’s fun, looks cool…all the stuff we know already.
    But here is where it matters.

    When Cave was putting on the music for the main, these 3 little dudes roll up next to me near the starting hill. Everytime Cave would crank the music, these kids would start bopping about and getting all into it. I kept my eye on them as the main went down and when it was over I thought, maybe I should ask these kids some questions.
    I said hey dudes, what did you think of that?
    Their answer? That was awesome.
    What do you think of those guys?
    Their great! Phil’s on my team, he’s the best!
    “You wanna be like Phil when ya get older?”

    Ya see that’s it, that’s all we wanna do, give the kids some heros, give them some goals, make em realize what they are doing is something special and yea if you work hard you can be as good as “those guys” some day.

    That’s what you’re doing, Cave, Rich, Rich, Scott, Vinnie, and yea Hayden too, because if Bill didn’t go and grab the P.A. today it would have been a step back. You’re all making a stand and showing people how it’s done.

    Thanks, from one of those little kids who grew up looking at their heroes and saying I want to be like them.

    The game is on.
    And remember, I’m doing the Snoopy happy dance….so KEEP WONDERING..

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