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    I think that the women in our lives do not get enough thanx. I for one have a woman that supports me. At brett’s party last summer my wife ended up cooking, and THIS YEAR she drove to egg harbor and back. Hell you know you have it good when you come home and got a last place(for me it is the norm) but you are tired and sore, you are soaking in a hot tub and your wife-girlfreind comes in rubs you down ANDhas a hot plate of food waiting for you. DAMN!!!!! I do not know the rest of you feel, but if you are lucky enough to have a woman that supports go tell her THANX ALOT .


    Yea…really man.
    Thanks Chrissy babay! She keeps my eye on the real deal when I start getting lost here.
    Ant, i before e except after c….


    you guys are lucky.. my x girlfriend lisa.. well.. she plain out sucked..she hated bmx races..she was no fun.. BUT.. she still pays my cell phone bill..haha


    Dave – Let’s hope Lisa isn’t reading this….. 👿

    My wife thinks I’m nuts – although she doesn’t mind that I lost 15 pounds getting in shape for this (with more to follolw). I asked what her thoughts were about my racing – and she said she was okay with it – but feels I have this secret life she doesn’t know about. 8) She was mainly referring to the time I devote to this site.

    Her biggest worry is me getting hurt – she freaked when she saw my arm after the Jack Frost, and two days later when the bruise – about half my thigh – showed up, she freaked again. Not a rant – more of a “O my God, Craig!”. Even though she has brothers, they were not a blood & guts family like mine – my parents had no issues with the injuries. My parents are old school baby!

    I hope you’ll be meeting her soon – she really does want to come out and see me race. She did not know me BITD, so it will be fun to see her reactions after she watches me fly over some doubles, etc.

    But, she does support me, and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

    Thanks Christine!!


    She sees newly buff middle aged stud boy busting out over the jumps…
    yea man, it’ll be worth it… 😉


    Holy cookamunga, your wifes name is…


    On a side note, though it’s nowhere near close…
    I think I now understand “birth pains” a little more….


    BE carefull this topic can get X rated

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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