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    I went to my local track today, first time at a local in like 1 year. My local track is the ABA number 1 track for like 30 years now.

    Moto count today 23 motos.
    Sounds impressive right. Remember this is SoCal with a population of 30 million in this metro area. Tons of Pros and Factory riders there right?
    Not a one. We used to have so many Pros we had pro practice.

    I checked Cruiser moto sheets since that what I race.
    10& Under cruisers 5 riders.
    11& Over crusier 1 riders. Yes just one rider over 11.

    How about older 20 inch classes.
    The vast majority of riders were under 10.
    14& Over Id say 10 riders.

    Not just the 14X class. That alone used to have semis every race BITD.

    So why do only lil kids now race?

    1st straight. 1st jump is a step up double., 2nd jump is a double, third jump is a 7 foot tall double. (7 lips)
    2nd straight 4 sets of doubles last one 7 feet tall (8 lips)
    3rd straight double, roller and 3 more doubles last one is 6 foot tall. (9 lips)
    4th straight 8 or 9 rollers absolutely no flat ground. (9 lips)
    33 Lips on a single race track!
    This track absolutely prepares you for ABA Nationals.
    I guess kids over 14 no longer want to go to Nationals and meet the Pros like I did. Otherwise the track would have tons of 14 and over riders.

    Or maybe riders 14 and over go faster then 5 6 and 7 year olds and fall much harder when they do fall. Older riders understand the danger of 33 lips, a ticking time bomb till you explode and bail hard. With that many jumps on a single track your then bound to crash into another jump if you crash. Older riders dont want to sound scared so they say, man the tracks awesome then think of an excuse not to race. Im gonna go home and play Xbox my 360 live subscription expires so I cant make it to the track err my dog is sick uuhhh the game is on tv.

    The number one track in the USA every single year with new sign ups, yet it cant field one gate of older cruiser riders or one gate of 14 or 15 or 16 experts???? Do the math.

    The problem with BMX isn’t just getting riders to try BMX its keeping them.
    Obviously insanely hard tracks like the Orange YMCA are not keeping rider so the answer?
    Just one of two choices.
    Make tracks super insanely hard, kids love facing death and laughing at it.
    Make tracks simple and fun like they were in 1980.

    I guess Im just a wussy. Ok from now on all tracks must have 40 lips and no jumps under 5 feet tall, thats an order, BMX must progress!


    In moto cross, the tracks the pros race ( supercross) are not the tracks the ams race, I have said this time and time. Whip City Mass last year was pullimg 40 motos on a fri, why the track isnt intended to kill anyone. I have the crazy jums in the backyard however I see the points Erick is making. If it is about fun lets put it back into the sport. Here is another way to look at it with the moto counts as low as they are, what is your title really worth. Years ago the field was deep, gave more to the fact you got a number 1 or top 10, now if there is only 10 running what did you earn.

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