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    I have been seeing some strange things going on in the web pricing world in NJ BMX lately and I want to clear some things up.

    CJBMX.org annual price- $25.00 a year for domain name (yea, we got ripped a bit and could get down to $15.00 but what the hey)
    Charge for domain services, $0.00, 200 mb space, 1 gb transfer a month, ftp, and 10 email addresses

    Brokenspokes.net annual price- $25.00 a year for domain name.
    Charge for domain services- $96.00 a year. Full scripting support, cgi, frontpage, php, mysql database, 1 gb storage, 20 gb bandwidth a month, 100 email addresses.

    And yea ladies and gents, I do these sites for free, ’cause I love BMX, the “sponsors” up front, they don’t pay, they’re there because their good guys.

    So don’t let people fool you with all this “internet” ooga booga.
    It’s 2006 web access and hosting is cheap and affordable.

    Your personal BMX tech geek, Brett

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