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    my girlfriend, Christine Blake.
    I just wanted to tell everyone how supportive she has been of all the stuff that we are all doing in BMX even though she doesn’t show up with me all the time except for a few practice laps at CJ when she rolls out on my Floval Flyer. She’s a great woman with a great mind and a big heart. She’s an ex motorcycle MotoX rider who used to hit up the sand all over Ocean county. In fact she still has her leathers and riding boots.
    Things are getting a little hot here in the BMX world and I just wanted to share something that might have an effect on things. The first time I told her I love her.
    I had a bunch of harrowing stuff going on at CJ early in the summer of 2005 and I was at a race doing the thing we all do, lol when I rolled up my windows, threw my keys on the seat and proceeded to lock the doors on my car.
    I had no one to call, I wasn’t really tight with anyone at the track and I needed the keys to get the camera from the car. We had only been going together for a few months so I figured let me give her a call. She comes rushing over because she knew how important all this was to me and brought me my spare key I had at my old condo.
    Without a thought, boom it was done.
    Well, she brought me the keys, said, “go do your thing, and kick some butt”, lol then headed back home.
    That night we were back at my condo after the races and we’re just heading out to eat and I realized just how incredible this woman was right then and there. She had put me before herself. The true definition of love.
    I grabbed her in the parking lot of the condo and told her I love her, right then and there.
    Luckily she said she loved me too.
    And that was that, attached at the hip.
    I just wanted to say to Christine that I love her, out here in public and that she’s the most important part of my life. I appreciate everything that she does for me.
    Guys go out and give your lady a kiss, we get wrapped up in what we are doing too much sometimes.


    Gutsy Dude Gutsy :wink:! Good job !!!!


    WOW I think Im going to cry. nah just kidding you have something real special and I wish you guys all the luck


    I gotta add to this. My wife is my most important part of my life also. She gets up early to make me breakfast for work. Makes sure i have a hot cup of coffe too. I can be tough to deal with sometimes but she stands by my side. She has been at the track with me when i know she wanted to be somehwere else. And rod and brett you know what i have been gong through for the last 7 years, not many women would stand by someone like that.

    Without my wife i might not even be here. She also puts up with me cluttering up the living room after she has just cleaned it. Ya know what i am gonna send her a copy of this thread. Just to let her know i love her.


    aweeeeeeee gag


    That’s My Brittle……… Love you too Buggy….

    Adam you know you love this mushy stuff……


    My wife Dawn is the most important part of my life. I honestly would be dead because of her. shes the one who pushes me to take care of my diabetes. Makes sure i always make it to my doctors appointments and keeps me striaght with everything else in my life.


    my bike is a really HUGE part of my life.. i love lisa very much.. but that damn bmx.. has saved me from so much.. i can never replay the 4130 for all the good times


    My bike didn’t clean the puke off my chin when I was in the hospital after getting a rupture appendix out.
    But the bike did make me realize what it means to see someone with the same passion for things that I do.


    i hear ya there brett.. youve got a great woman..


    Its all about passion Dave….

    This is gonna be a FUN year… 😈 😈 😈

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