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    do not really understand the importance of some things.
    First I have to apologize to Rich Farside. We talked a lot this summer about the Iron Man and Rich stepped it up to get a LOT of product donated for the race. The only stipulation was that we take pictures of the kids with the product in thier hands to show the sponsors.
    Really quite simple and only makes sense as that was what Carol Gleason did BITD and I would do when I had a freestyle team (send out a bi-monthly “what are we up to” newsletter). Come race day we needed to have pictures for the site and the CJ site as well as the sponsor pics. Rich and myself walked the prized with Vinnie and marked each prize Rich needed a picture of.
    I got the pictures this friday from the guy who took the pictures and there was only about 6 shots given to me, actually about 15 but there were duplicates of many of the kids with the same prize, so I just picked the best one.
    I did not personally oversee this as we made it very clear how important this was.
    ~Show the sponsors what you did for them this year and next year they will do more~
    It’s very simple, that’s the way it works.
    I feel as though this was partly my responsibility because I roped Rich into helping out and instead this turned into another screwup.
    I believe this is why we now have to keep everything on a need to know basis, what is about to happen now is going to make many people very upset at the least and could right well mean even worse for other people

    I’m sorry this got fucked and I’m real pissed that I can trust absolutely no one.

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