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    thanks to howell volunteers and nj bmx folks for a great state championship race on sat.. also whoever donated the prizes, the chinese auction was a great idea!! all the festivities: dunk tank, snowcones, food afterwards was just great. reminded me of the way the championships were years ago…great job!!

    congratulations to all the riders for a sucessful season!

    the smiths


    I want to thank all of the bmx community for coming out and supporting us. And janeen you are a great person for putting up with us. This was a good year for me personally and without njbmx and alot of others it would not have been possible. Brett I owe you the biggest thanx of all.


    dude, this ain’t nothing, wait till 2007….
    Farside is more fired up than ever…
    and thats with 7 bad ribs…
    I’m at notch 12 and it’s gonna get worse….
    you guys near the top…ya shouldna oughta messed up this sport my generation came up with…
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    Yes, Saturday was an awesome day, my only beef was the after-race festivities started too soon so hardly anyone watched the three mains. The first main was the Open Class which I would have expected everyone would want to watch. I am not trying to be a kill-joy, but part of promoting a sport is keeping everyone in their seats till the end. We need to keep building up the local “heros” every chance we can. You never know who the next Philly D. or Rich Farside (to name a couple) is gonna be.

    Speaking of heros, my hat’s off to Rich Farside for rolling the gate 6 times even though you knew it was extremely painful to do so. A lot of kids look up to you Rich. Good Job.

    It was good to see Allen Thompson (35-39 Cruiser) there after his bad fall at HC BMX a few weeks ago. Even though he had some extensive surgery, the doctors expect him to make a full recovery, although I don’t know if that includes racing.

    I do agree the after-race party was really well planned and made the day that much more fun for a lot of the kids and families. Kind of a something-for-everyone day at the race track.

    It was a great day of racing, there were over 40 motos, and I know of at least a couple of riders who were not qualified but came and gave their best in the open. Lets all get out there and keep preaching BMX so we get 50-60 motos at next year’s race!!

    Thank you NJ BMX & CJBMX for a job well done!! 😀


    and thanks to Craig for coming through with the bus info for the Pres Cup.
    These guys are NO JOKE.
    They’re coming through.
    We had to reschedule the meeting for Sept 9th, (The 10th is a sunday folks, sort blew that one..) around 4- 4:30.
    Expect some fun there…


    I had a great time at the race this weekend. I would have rather been racing but I am just glad I could get out of the house and make the trip up. I also want to thank the whole crew for putting on a great event. It was nice to see so many people hanging around after the race. I think if we keep this positive attitude we will have some great things to come next year.


    I agree it was a job well done!!! It was nice to see the kids having fun with the dunk tank and just goofing around with each other. Thanks to all the volunteers who put this together.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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