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    Too everyone at CJ BMX, EHT BMX, and HC BMX thank you for the great memories that Nikota and I shared this past year. The Family at CJ has been so supportive towards Niki and wanted to know how he was doing at every race. BMX turned my shy non talkative kid into a outgoing chatter box like his Dad :D. I had such a great time running the gates these past few month’s. It was alot of fun and in turn it really helped Niki out in the gate. He learned alot from the older kids. Jeff Heath(16 not 40+) spent one whole afternoon with my son teaching him lines to take and were to pedal to get more speed. He would never take my advice he allways wanted a RACER to teach him. At every race I felt like he had about 30 older brothers looking out for him instead of 30 strangers. Nikota has allready asked how everyone is at CJ. We made some really good friends and had some great memories racing here in New Jersey. So once again thank you to everyone who along the way has been a part of Nikota and I’s racing. Things can only get better as now we will have 3 tracks within 30 minutes drive from our house and racing 5 nights a week.

    To anyone that would like to come out to Phoenix AZ this winter for the the ABA Winter Nationals please feel free to PM or shoot me an email. I am more than happy to have each and everyone of you come out and see a West Coast ABA national.

    Thanks for the good times,

    Greg and Nikota Tidey


    Fare thee well hiawatha, fare thee well…. 😥


    We gotta bring the gang out for another midnight game of foot-down!

    Its been a blast Greg, hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to seeing you again at some point.


    You are the best gate starter ever!!!!!!!!!!!!. Gonna miss ya man


    Rich just called me and said he is glad to see you go as he is a little burnt out on getting flipped on the gate….

    (disclaimer: Rich neither called me nor did he ever imply that he was glad to see Greg leave. He does however have a good sense of humor and will hopefully get a laugh out of this tonight, or my new nickname will be bermshot britty)


    I might see you for the winter nationals out there. I have a bunch of guys I worked with that live in Scottsdale. Good luck with the move and I hope to meet up with you guys again.



    gregg sucks for moving.. haha..fucker better come back to the jerz…beer and mayhem will never be the same with out the buddah… boohoo


    Tidey, we will miss you and Nikota. It was great to watch Nikota come out of his shell. Let us know how you guys are doing out there.




    Won’t be the same without you, but glad you and your family are moving on to bigger and better places. If we get out there I’m sure to give you a call.

    Keep in touch.

    Warm Regards,


    Zach and I will miss you guys. Who will crack his back now? I will call you about february.


    In AZ. I made is home safely Saturday. MacDaddy knows the whole story. Lets just say 2400 mile 10 XXL Monster’s and a few 36oz coffee’s! But I am home and feeling great. Took Nikota to the local NBL track last night and SCHOOLED 3 other kids!!! He was at the finish line when the other kids where in the last turn!! Man I was soo proud. He has been training every day doing sprints and and grass hill training. Needless to say when we took him to the track he litterally got to the end of the starting hill and was spun out. I bupmed him up 2 teeth and he flew!! Man this is great for him and for me as well. We will be making the trip to New Mexico next month for the ABA Fall National’s. Lets see how he does!!

    Good luck to everyone this weekend at Woodward. I know now from living and hanging out with most of you that you guys will kill the competition.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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