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    Brett Middaugh started this site to bring bmx back to popularity, and oh boy has he done it. recently there has been some controversey on the site, and nothing against it everyone knows life is nothing without it. but back to my point. Brett is doing a very awesome job at running this site, cjbmx and anything else he does. hes been putting up with alot here, and doing a gret job at it.

    the whole point of this post is to say thanks to Brett for starting this site, and giving us all a place to come, talk, bust chops, and hey sometimes even talk about bmx!! lol jp. so i say we all get together and give him a great big thnx for putting up with all of us lol

    Thanks Brett
    and hope you keep helping the sport grow the way you have been

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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