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    Somebody told me one time that you can only not accept credit for what you do for so long before it becomes sorta condescending, so here’s my shot at saying thanks for recognizing what I’ve been trying to do.

    I guess I should say something about the Warnicke Memorial Award. Rich told me about the award a few months ago and I was thinking
    it would be a cool idea because like I told everyone, I knew Bob and did a few things with him to promote BMX as well. (The photo
    of me and my buds doing the first freestyle show in front of the Hall of Fame in Somerville is more important than any trophy I ever got).
    It made sense to immortalize the man from NJ who is immortalized in the NBL Scholarship program in his OWN state.
    I was hoping they where gonna give it to Rich Carolan.
    They gave it to me.
    To be mentioned at all with Big Bob Warnicke is indeed quite a moving thing for me, and like I’ve said before, unless you grew up
    around the whole movement (from racing to freestyle) it’s sorta hard to understand how I feel about this thing we call BMX.
    Going forward from here, if it even takes me scraping the bucks from my pocket, there will be a Bob Warnicke Memorial Award and I
    will be sure to make it perfectly clear what the criteria should be for giving it out.
    Also, if you read the other post I put up about, we’re all here to do what we do, then you know the only concern we should all have is the future.
    Not the future of HC, or CJ, or EHT, or TP or even NJBMX but the future of the whole shebang called BMX.
    And the only way to get to the future we want is
    Yea, we’re gonna disagree, argue a bit, laugh, smile, hurt, but the future is all we got.

    To me it was worth fighting for and apparently to a few other people it was as well.

    2008 will bring the Olympics to racing. I think NJ is ready for it.
    Wouldn’t it be something in 2012, when racing rolls into London, that one of NJ’s own was on the gate?
    yea, I thought you would.
    Hey, check this out too.
    3 out of the 4 tracks in our state series have national or regional races next year.

    The BMX State.
    hmmmm, i gotta go change something.


    You deserved it……Congratulations.


    congrats dude.

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