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    Just woundering where there at. Last i heard was that they were gonna be sent to everyones local track. On a serious note do they really think the older riders want the trophys. most have plenty of trophys. At the race alot of people didnt even want trophys. Is this why the race fee was so much, so that people that didnt want the trophy still had to pay for it.


    For the guys who didn’t get em, they’ll be at EHT and CJ next week, don’t ask me how that got messed up, I have no idea.
    The trophies for ’06 were from made from trophies left over from a previous state championship. Where the money goes for everything is something that is shown in the expense reports at state meetings.


    Those trophys were BOGUS, NJBMX should be ashamed, the plaques did’nt even fit the plaque area, we need to remember here that most of these trophys are for the kids and a state championship trophy should say something about the riders achievments and for the sanction he races for. you should see the fla state championship trophys, they look like grand trophys 4″ high, now thats a statement of a commited state to there championship series !Q!!!! 🙄


    It takes $ to make big trophies. Yes, I know we paid $ to get them…more discussions to be CIVILY addressed at state meetings.
    The only way to change things…as Caveman has pointed out is to get involved.
    Come with us.


    it still doesnt change anything about how much the race fee is. all year round everyone spends alot at each and every state race. Race fees are getting high and the riders arent getting anything back. Why cant it be how it was a few years ago when the there was 2 race fees one for the championship only and the other for the chamionship and the trophy. Just like the eht veterans day race and the jack frost “classic” all they are, are over exadurated locals. theres no reason for those race fees to be so much.


    I’ve been doing some math on the whole state series thing…
    I spent $125 racing it this year. For that $125, I got 5 plates for my plaque (which had to be bought over and above entry fees, so change that $125 to $145) and a bigger trophy at the championship race, (though that was reused so that didn’t cost as much as it could have) as well as the plate that I will get at the awards in November. (I wasn’t there last year but it looks like fun)
    Now lets break some of that down.
    $125 minus $6 (it costs a dollar per rider to insure us) =$119
    $119 minus plates for the plaques and trophies (not sure $5-$10?) Let’s say $10 and leave it at that so now I’ve whittled it down to $109
    $109 minus my plate that I will get, JRP sells em for $20, I hope the state twists some hoo hoos to get em cheaper but ok, let’s say $20, that leaves $89
    $89 now this is where it gets tricky, because I can order a state jersey (I have to pay for it upfront) but if I go to the Presidents Cup and race, the state reimburses me for my jersey and the entry fee…If I go low end on the jerseys (and here I have a ball park on the price) $45 add that to the $45 they would reimburse for my entry fee and ….lo and behold the state has lost $1 dollar on me.
    Don’t add in that the state is supposed to pay the track when they have a qualifier there, (some refuse it when they see our current financial needs, others do not)
    Also don’t add in the cost of some sort of banquet. (Scott donates the use of Incline for us BMX loons, but food still costs)
    And I have raced almost all the races…
    Now if someone just races 1 qualifier, gets a plate and wants to go to the presidents cup…well now we have a deficit budget…that is major.
    Which leaves us at this, the less people who race the Presidents Cup the better off the state is, but the worse the nbl is, (they lose that nice fat $45 dollar entry fee), but the more people who race the presidents cup the better off the nbl is and the worse the state is.
    It seems like I keep isolating the problem and it points to ohio.
    Now the state organization, the board, it’s just Scott, Janeen, Nancy, Lisa and well…that’s it. So if you want to effect change you have to talk to those in charge and even better offer to help.
    So, once again I will be there this sunday, I hope everyone who is into helping out is.
    There is one other thing though…all my above referenced numbers are just theoretical, barring the actual money I paid the state. So in order to work out if we have enough cash to do things like plates, banquets, different awards, race fees at presidents cup, sending someone to competition congress, we need to see a budget report and collectively determine where to best spend our sheckles.
    I hope I helped some of you guys out in figuring out where the money goes when we do this stuff, but attend the meetings and learn more.
    And if your local track isn’t having meetings, well get together with a group of people who honestly care about things and keep knocking at the door to get one.
    See ya all sunday.


    From the NJBMX home page— http://www.njbmx.org/index.htm

    Who is the New Jersey BMX Inc.

    We are a group of BMX Enthusiast, Racers, Parents, and Supporters trying to keep the Sport of BMX Racing in New Jersey the home of organized BMX Racing.

    What does NJBMX Inc. do for me, the rider?

    A good question; hopefully here’s a good answer. First and foremost, the State organization provides the structure for our state series in accordance with the requirements of the National Bicycle League. That’s our primary objective versus our local tracks and track organizations who run their own track series. While we do have fees for races, recognize that ALL our staff are unpaid volunteers and ALL proceeds from state races are either paid out in operating expenses ( postage, printing, race fees to NBL, supplies, and the like) or in recognition to our riders. We’d like to share with you the significant things we’re doing to give back to you, our riders.

    Trophies/Plaques for each qualifier and the State Championship

    Number plates awarded to every qualified rider who races the State Championship

    Prizes of Gift certificate, license renewal, or a free State Qualifier registration to the top 3 High Point riders in each proficiency (Expert, Novice, Rookie, Cruiser, and Girl)

    Prizes for team competition in addition to individual recognition

    State Champion jacket for the #1 rider in each age class and proficiency.

    2001 President’s Cup Team jersey for the top ten/qualified riders.

    President’s Cup race fees (at the pre-registration rate) refunded for all qualified riders who attend and race for NJ at the 2001 President’s Cup (must show up for your moto)

    $100 savings bond for any rider placing #1 in his/her main at the 2001 President’s cup


    well…that’s five years ago… 😯


    obviously the plates will be cheaper. Ive seent e prices for teams that have them made they take care of them very very well. especially a state when they are going to get what 5 or more times more then the team would. so theres no doubt in my mind that thats easily beeing takin care of. The bottom line is the state series is getting more and more expenseve to race and over the years the riders are getting less and less. look at some of the local tracks that have some of the fastest newbies out there but they dont do the state series. Why? becuase either the cost is to high. maybe the races are pourly schedueled. Or possibly look down south all they have is EHT. its alittle far to drive up north for the other two. You even said it the trophies are beeing made from past years trophies. that sounds alittle stupid. almost as stupid as eht advertising 3′ trophies every year for the veterans day race but i havent seen any of them since i started racing that race. So wheres the money going that would have been used for the trophies. and no the presidents cup is not a good enough reason. every year its been takin care of w/o problems like trophies and what not.


    one more thing with what CWCCRIDER posted it says all state champions get state champion jackets. ummm last i checked state champions now get “hoodies”. this state series is getting better and better every year. This is why everyone is supposed to get involved? Dont make sense with alot of the people with good ideas getting involved you would think it would be getting better then it was 5yrs ago.


    I dunno…who was involved 5 years ago…
    We did ask people what they wanted and they went for hoodies instead of satin jackets.
    Again, just from my poor math, I figured out where my money could go…(though I’m not going to the presidents cup)
    and since this concerns me, I will be at every state meeting I can…or I will attempt to schedule meetings myself.
    I’m not on the board, but help out where ever I can…
    It seems a lot of people just want to know what the budget is, simple enough thing to answer.
    But not something I can, don’t have access to that.
    I’m going to measure my veterans day trophy….
    The presidents cup is to a point a valid reason because the state is supposed to reimburse people, but for someone like me, who doesn’t go then that extra money must go to other places.
    Again, should be easily explainable with a budget report.


    901, it’s like the rest of life, we get less and lees for our money every year, but like in life we have a vote. MESSAGE , make your vote count


    and when that doesn’t work…follow the teachings of some other middle aged rebels…
    if what you are doing is right, you never have anything to fear.


    @rollin-z wrote:

    Those trophys were BOGUS, NJBMX should be ashamed

    Rollin-z since the state is looking for new people to step up and help out. Why don’t you go to the next state meeting and tell them you will be in charge of handling the state trophies for next year.


    @RaidenHayden wrote:

    901, it’s like the rest of life, we get less and lees for our money every year, but like in life we have a vote. MESSAGE , make your vote count

    Ditto to what Bill said. Its called inflation. I believe those in charge do their best to keep the fees as reasonable as possible, but everything else gets more expensive every year. Heck, look at the price of gas & oil, don’t you think that makes everything else more expensive?

    My suggestion is this: if you really love BMX and understand economics, then in order to keep racing, you in your own life have to figure out how to earn more money to afford the things you want to do (more importantly learn how to keep and save more). I know us adults with houses and families understand that all too well, and to make sure my racing did not have an ill effect on my budget, I cut out alot of non-essential things this year (many less trips to Dunkin Donuts & 7-11 for coffee). I found other ways to pay for my racing as well.

    At the risk of sounding like Tony Robbins, you make your own way in this world and nothing is impossible. You do whatever it takes to get it done.

    Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at every possible way to get the most out of our race fees. Like everyone here is saying: get involved. Things will not change in one meeting. It takes time and commitment.

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