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    Posted on the forum. Make sure you are logged in to read them.
    List of riders that are short Local races is being updated.


    Riders who need races, (pdf version)
    State Series points, (text version)
    Been moving all day and will be doing the same tomorrow…
    Look for a write up on CJ early next week.
    Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep them doggies rolling, rawhide!
    Theme from the tv shoe Rawhide. Thank you.


    Hey guys. In my haste to post the shortage list, I forgot a page of riders. I have corrected it over on the forum, and have emailed Brett to correct his posting.
    Sorry bout that! 😳


    Are you on both lists? If so, here’s why. The computer points program will pick up your extra qualifiers as local races to make you qualified.
    NJ has always used the extra qualifiers that you race as locals to make it possible for you to qualify. Nothing new, it’s in the rules and has always been that way. Most other states do the same thing. We all want every rider possible who wants to race the Championship to be able to do just that.
    The human element (namely me) looks at every rider and counts their locals, and their state qualifiers, and lists who is short regular locals.

    So, that’s the explanation as to how you can be on the qualified and un-qualified list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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