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    what date is the state meeting? can someone who is on the board post here or find out definitely when and where?

    also is it a nomination meeting?

    what positions are open for re-election this yr?

    some questions that i have heard folks ask, not just me. personally i know i would like to know ahead of time what the date is as the winter sports season is upon us its impt to know the dates to make plans…

    i hope when the njbmx website is redone maybe there could be a calender on it where we can go to see “impt happenings in njbmx”

    anyway if anyone can post please do…i will also ask on the njbmx forum. i have not seen it posted officially that it is after the awards banquet.


    @bmxmom156 wrote:

    i will also ask on the njbmx forum.

    Good luck.


    December 9th after the Awards at Incline, nominations will also be made.

    Good luck to all. 8)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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