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    I checked into the various state series in the Northeast and we are the ONLY state who has their state championship before Aug 31 (cutoff date). I would like to see if we can change it to after the regional championship, maybe beginning of October this year. I would like to bring this up at the January meeting.

    Whos on board? Objections?


    NE region states holding a state championship:
    Ct 9/10
    NY 9/16
    NH 10/28
    PA 9/16
    Md 10/7
    Va 9/16

    These are all 2006 dates.


    If you have a reason for your vote, let us know…it would be helpful.


    I voted to place it after labor day weekend.
    I think the importance should be placed on how to grow the local state series. By placing the championship later in the season you are allowing the local riders more time to get their required number of races in. It’s not the state races that are a problem but the local races that require some time to get in.
    I know the only triple point race a state is allowed every year is the championship but this only goes to show how the nbl only looks out for it’s own national interest and not the local scene.
    If we could end the state season in late sept, early oct, then start a small fall series with the vet day, fall classic and iron man, it could very well prove to be more popular in this area than the rolling atm of nats and regionals the nbl provides.
    The nbl should be notified at CC about how this should be changed. It only makes sense to end our season in sept-oct.
    With another track joining the state series this year it will only make it MORE difficult to get races in as the calendar will get squeezed even tighter. (No offense to Glenn.)
    I put my reg-nat blinders on when thinking of the state unless a big race falls within 2 hours driving distance of NJ.

    Now let’s go hang some state series posters!


    According to my understanding of things. If you present a written explanation of why this should be done and you get a track rep to present a motion. This should be able to be voted on by the board.
    Which means with 10 board members
    6 track reps.
    asst commish
    (commish abstaining in case of tie, which there really can’t be since there are only 9 members to begin with)
    You would need 6 people to say
    to the proposal and date to change whatever rule is in place.
    Simple matter of democracy in action.

    This is also why I say it’s important to know who your track reps are, so you can have them bring forth motions and rule changes people would like to see made.

    Don_e properly the nbl way of doing things is very positive.


    btw….can someone list who the track reps are ? thanks


    The reason I would like to see the State Championship held at a later date include all the reasons Brett mentioned, including more time for locals, spread out the qualifiers, but most importantly, the races after the grands and regional would be worth going to. The way it stands now, the races after the regional count towards track points only. They are throw aways. It would greatly extend the season and allow you to actually miss a race and still have your 10 locals.

    The only reason to have it early would be for the points, which you could easily make up by going to a regional/national pre-race. Besides, like I stated earlier, we are the ONLY state in the region to do it early.

    Just my 2 cents.

    BTW, I believe track reps are usually Track Director and one other. Along with an alternate. HC is Matt Danek (obviously) and myself. Not sure if there are actually qualifications to be a track rep.


    definitely have the state championship later after the grands for all the reasons loren has listed… it seems like a great idea to go back to the way it used to be…


    we used to have the championship after the grands, but then everyone needed the triple point race towards the reg. championship. now that the
    points are different, there isn’t any reason to cram the championship in so early


    Heres a new wrinkle…what about the college kids?

    “The 17 & over girls, the 17-24 20″ class, and the SuperX class will all have several college students.”

    Don’t want to alienate them….


    oh crap

    you are correct you cant forget about them!!!


    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

    We will make the MAJORITY of people happy by moving the date.

    Move the date.

    If you want to race the championship and you are a college student living away, then you will have to make the trip back to NJ.

    Sorta like making the trip to any big race…

    Hold it a freaking second….

    Not a year ago, everyone in NJ BMX was saying the kids “leave the sport when they graduate HS”….
    Now people are suddenly worried about catering to them?
    Do NOT jack with me, I am in no mood.


    what about the college kids?

    “The 17 & over girls, the 17-24 20″ class, and the SuperX class will all have several college students.”

    This really doesnt matter. Even with the state championship in late August, students would still have to come back to jersey to race it. This past year Heather Haugh came back just for the state championship. I believe she is the only one that goes to school out of state. Most of us who are in college go to college’s in NJ, so its not that big of a deal.


    what about the college kids?

    I have a problem with that statement. When you are in college you are considered a young adult. There are no kids or children in college. At that time in your life you are taught how to multi task and to manage your time properly and be a responsible adult capable of completing a higher edjucation. So having said that, college students have cars and can get from point A to point B and know how to make time for Hobbies, whether its racing or funneling bear at the frat houses. This is not a valid excuse to have a championship in august. College students also need to have an outlet on their days off to blow off steam. Take it from one who knows. Is there a official count on how many racers are actually college students in the state of NJ? If so were they ever asked if they have a problem with having the state championship later in the year? I am guessing the answer is no to both those questions having seen how the powers at be run the state organization.
    Loren, you put that post in quotes. I am guessing you have heard someone say this can you tell us who it was?

    College Grad


    @XMotoXchick wrote:

    what about the college kids?

    I have a problem with that statement. When you are in college you are considered a young adult. There are no kids or children in college.

    College Grad

    Christine, that’s part of the problem with this sport, if you are a rider, you seem in most cases to be looked at is if yo ARE A KID, no matter what you have done. And you are defininately not worhy to have any ideas. The college kids can take care of themselves, and hopefully when they are older and involved, they aren’t looked at like they are morons too, just because they ride a bike.


    I guess that makes us middle aged kids…guess thats why we have so many good ideas, that whole youthful enthusiasm thing…

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