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    Old school from Indiana! I raced from 1980 to 1991 then 1997 to 1999. Now I’m looking to have a go at it again and found this site through a friend from 18 years ago you know him as TommyDone. I was national number one for four years and second in the world when they were in the U.S. at orlando. I rode for Columbus Schwinn, Hardee’s, and Coastal bike supply. I was all NBL but occasionally raced ABA. My daughter just turned 7 so I took her to watch the nationals in Evansville and she said it was cool! I was so excited so I’m getting her a bike! She wants me to race with her so I’m gonna do it next summer! Maybe If I go to some Nationals I will see some people from this site. I look forward to talking to YOUS GUYS! YO!

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