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    Read that…
    and realize that these are the people that you hope will bring in more riders to the sport through the olympics…

    Have bobbo and clayTON read this:
    I Am We Todd Did.

    People keep asking me, why shouldn’t riders have more say in racing?
    ‘Cause we don’t make those kind of mistakes.

    We’re on our own out here folks, best get busy on our marketing plan to get new riders into this sport.

    NJ has a marketing plan?
    Yea, ya crazies, what do you think I’ve been working on these past 2 months. But it’s gonna take all of us from the 8 rookie to the old dogs, to mom and pop to get this thing where it should be.

    Though I’m not quite sure where it should be…
    LOL, guess we’ll find out…


    How to get kids into bikes !!then they can decide if they want to race or freestyle maybe another way to look at it ????


    Rod, I’m gonna have so much shit for us to promote BMX next year that it will rock the house.

    Come on man, you know it’s funny that these clowns kill themselves to get racing in the olympics and then show a clip of freestyle….
    shows how clueless those at the top are.

    Rod, do you know Gary Ream from Woodward at all?

    (whew, I gotta slow down when I type…typo-orama)


    I read that same artical on Vintage last night and was gonna post it. Amazing, huh?

    USA Cycling seems to be the culprit here. But Clayton & Bob don’t seem to be helping much either.

    This makes a new sanction look like a much better idea, doesn’t it? Or maybe we can all wish the NBL & ABA can combine somday and get things rockin like they should.


    I dont know him ! promote bmx some would rather just play a bmxer on a gameboy .Need to change the kids mind set first .dont need to be good , dont need to be dave mrra , dont need to have tight jeans , dont need the fatest bike, will not need druge/alcohol , etc. JUST GET ON A BIKE AND TRY !!!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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