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    Ok I dont have a scanner yet. I’m waiting for my 6 year old HP printer to die. But darn it, it works as good as the day I bought it.
    So I used my new Sony Digital Camera and the pics came out okish.
    For now as a test I just did two pics.

    Spring 1980, Riding for Langley’s (Vineland, NJ) on my Torker. The photo was taken by a freind at my practice track. (The track had a 2 man gate and was about 800-1000 feet long.) Im wearing a Pro-Tec helmet, Original Oakley rainbow googles.

    Summer 1981 ABA East Coast Nationals (State College,PA) , Riding for Action Wheels (Woodbury, NJ) on my Patterson. This was my first race ever on this bike and tires. Crashed in first 16X all three motos (traded soon after this race for a Quadangle up at Newbridge Rd. Park). For you eagle eyed guys that is a custom all black Haro plate. He made me two. I gave one away to a rider at Woodbury. Man think what those would be worth now.

    The lady behind me looking at me is Mrs. Newman. She and her husband ran the Saylorsburg, PA track Blacktrack. Her sons JR and Shane raced for DG. As you can probably guess by her DG jacket.




    Ahhh, the old days with tires lining the tracks!!! COOL PICS


    1981, same ABA East Coast Nationals.
    This was the first moto. I got the holeshot, the rider behind me with the red helmet is (I think Joey Layton). He took me out coming out of the turn and put me over the berm 🙁
    the next two motos I would also be in first and crash all by myself lol.
    NEVER race a bike for the first time at a National. And dont buy a bike cause you like the teams uniforms. Buy it cause you like how it rides.
    And tires are the only thing that connects your bike to the track. DONT buy tires cause they are blue or cause they have a cool name like Monster Bite or Thunder Tires and have marketing hype. Since that race I have never used anything but Comp 3s/4s.

    My camera battery is dead after just taking like 20 pictures wtf. Its the battery that came with the camera. Cmon Sony thats just wrong.


    comp 3’s for life

    these new tires that company’s like maxxis come out with.. are complete crap

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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