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    Look for outside donations.

    Keep good records of all donations and expenses to encourage new sponsors to see how professional an organization you are.

    Leaders who are go-getters.

    Use connections with riders and parents to get word out about BMX racing.

    Encourage rider participation in all ideas for racing.

    Discontinue worrying about nbl nationals and regionals and instead concentrate on racing in NJ.

    Encourage critiscism of what you do to allow one to see where ones inefficiencies may lie.

    Devise and implement a way of communicating to members of BMX racing in NJ that is effective.

    Treat your organization as though it were a business, run professionally, but realize that the reward for what is done is not monetary but in the fact that you are doing it for the love of it.

    Give your customers a smile, treat them with respect and always listen for new ideas.

    Figure we could use a solutions thread to offset the problems one.


    I say you make a commercial like the old one for Cy’s Cycle Center and put it on NJ Channel 12 and other local stations…..Maybe have a Fuel TV on a local level……..


    hey thats great idea. they had the guy from the local news 12 nj come and interview greg morgan at flemington when he won the worlds i forget his name jeff would know him.( maury alter??) but it was oneof those special news casts not a reg commercial. hey maybe he would remember njbmx if you called him??they had a bunch of kids at the track just riding after a reg race they showed a little clips from the race but it was mostly interviewing greg and all of the kids who chased him down at the time…it was neat…. i may even have a vhs of it somewhere…


    What better way to promote than actual advertising? I know from a freestyle aspect of things that riding lots in different towns definately exposed kids to something “out of the box”……I think that there are many kids out there who want to race, who want to freestyle but dont know the slightest bit of info on how to get started……If they are not coming to you than you have to bring it to them…………………….


    We had the APP out there for the State Race didn’t we. Very nice write up about the track and BMX in general. New Channel 12 would probably go for it if it was pitched to them. Man I wish I was back in Dirty Jersey. Things are now looking good. I know this. Nikota and Myself will be in Deleware for the ABA National. My wife thinks we are nuts but we want to see all of our FRIENDS from Jersey!!


    More local bicycle shops should get involved after all its BIKES .Im doing my part as much as I can .There are some pretty big shops around with the funds to help .As with us we have been supporting Shields Skate Park for the last 2 years and this year we will add HCBMX to the list .Yes big coperate support would be postive do not pass up the smaller ones willing to help . every little bit helps !!!!


    All sponsors welcome Rodney, however, most of the really big ones, let’s say VOLVO, would like to see how the monies are used when it pertains to an orginization, especially a nonprofit one. If the orginations records are shoddy, nonexistant, well you will get no traction after they have seen it


    Bill, do I hear “this is why it won’t work”? 😯


    when we were looking for sponsors for our state /national team years ago what we did was make up an expense sheet for the team… ie.. what the riders would need for the year… the state could do the same with the expenses they have and all itemized…

    for example..team sheet entry fee expenses:

    $15/team sheet( state races)x4 races= $60/yr
    $40/team sheet( nationals) x 6 races =$240/yr

    total for yr $300/yr

    so a sponsor could say ok i want to sponsor the team for their entry fees for the year… heres $300. and they know waht they are paying for and maybe they geta spot on the jersey on the sleeve for that..its cut and dry…

    we did this for all corporate/local sponsors..
    we also included costs for uniforms… ( cost of jerseys/ pants x how many riders) all the way up to cost for travel to races , hotels, etc.. we let the sponsors pick what they wanted to pay for..

    some forked over big bucks some just donated money for webspace advertizing( we asked for $100/yr just for putting thier logo/link to their site on our team site)

    then some could only afford donating waterbottles/keychains with thier names on it…we used these for freebies/ goodiebags for the clinics we did. no amt was too large or too small…

    but my point is if there is an expense sheet that people can show to the companies..they can see that its not spent on administrative bullcrap that it all goes to the riders/ state in benefit for the riders.. someone may just want to donate money for cost of trophies.. then show them this is what we spend on trophies…they may want their logo on the trophies for the year…( ie the motocycle shop in the flemington circle for example)

    our local bike shop did our team sheet entries for a year and we in turn gave them a team picture and a trophy to display from every race( dan was happy to donate his) after a while they were loaded but let me tell you the kids who came in there were always crowded around the corner where the trophies were.. it was a shame when they had a fire all the trophies( and the bikes of course) were damaged and had to be thrown out.


    I just meant, that some really big sponsors will want to know how their money is spent, and right now the way things are they would say “no way”. My point is change needs to be made to attract these people, we have the people with connections. Think about this, the “Ironman” a race that used to be one of the biggest on the east coast, was only 38 motos, well if the PA state finals (ABA)was 42, what is being done wrong here


    The State Finals for the ABA only had that count because it was at Cedar. Their local count is above what every other track in PA is doing. Their state qualifier was the biggest as well.

    If the States had been at say Bensalem you can knock at least 10 motos off that state final. The volunteers at Cedar are doing a great job of building up their local program.


    Yeah, cause Rob is out constantly putting flyers everywhere, not concerned about anything but having an awesome place for the kids, the staging area got paved, a few others things were done, and when you go there that track has a BIG vibe

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