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    yesterday at Borders, yea it’s a book store, I do read believe it or not, LOL.
    Anyway, J-Rich,(That’s Jason Richardson to you non-racer types) was going on about something in racing, he’s a good guy and very vocal about the direction he would have liked (I say liked because, let’s be real, pro racing is going where the Olympics says it is for the moment) BMX racing to go.
    At the end, he said something to the effect of,
    BMX the sport without a lifestyle.

    When I got back into this thing going on 4 years ago now, the one thing that me and my buddy George agreed on is that BMX has no “lifestyle”.
    I’ve decided to refocus my energies to making people understand what it means to be a BMXer.
    As ya know we are a diverse lot, all you have to do is read some posts here, HA!
    But as we all know, those that ride at least, we are passionate about this thing we call BMX.
    Whether it’s racing, freestyle, flatland, cruising on a bike and hitting curb jumps.
    It’s BMX.
    When brokenspokes becomes BMXNJ.com in the next couple months, that’s what I am going to be pushing, what BMXers are about.
    What we do, how we make money, how we live.
    We’re not a bunch of little kids anymore, yea there are tons of kids out there who ride, but from now on, this is for us.
    We deserve it.
    Post what BMX means to ya here, how it felt after that last ride to wawa to get some milk and having a bunch of people wondering, “who is the guy with the beard on the little kids bike?”.
    Just so everyone knows, when BMXNJ.com comes around, the forums there will be called.
    The brokenspokes forums, we gotta evolve or die man.
    I’m evolving.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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