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    All items are in south Nj 08803 ZIP

    I have not done the bmx thing in YEARS so please don’t ask speciifc’s cause I can not answer them. if you want to check them out in person e-mail me I would prefer it.

    Chrome S&M dirtbike

    DK 48 spoke sealed hubs on sun bfr rims — rear hub might need a bearing freewheel is pretty stiff also.

    profile 3 pc cranks not a show peice but not bad for a rider, Came off a hard street riden bike, bearings where also pretty beat,

    Blue dk stem corners show wear.

    fishbone pedals bearings are shot.

    TNT two peice black seat post clamp

    dmx seat post clamp

    specialized front hub with Araya rim

    redline seat on laid back chrome post pretty scratched up

    82 supergoose frame have the forks, crank and spocket to go with it. couple dings

    dyno stem

    bunch of hubs / rims

    lots of forks and bars.
    Mongoose forks
    General forks

    80’s SE racing bronco frame

    pitbull brakes I have everything but the center bolt/hardware

    Alot of nuts, bolts, brake parts, hollow stem bolts ect..

    Lots of other bmx parts

    Some items pictured are all ready sold…


    make a fair offer on what you want



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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