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    This picture hangs in the office of the President of my company. (a small business where the pres and I are just as apt to make dirty jokes as we are to get work done.)
    It pretty much sums up one of the realities of life. If anyone doesn’t quite understand it, I’ll be happy to explain as it has to do with William Tell.
    I think it is pretty fitting as one of our own, paulc had a question about the state series, it was answered, quickly and properly I might add, but not with the answer Paul was needing.
    The reality is, there’s always something you forget or figure everyone else will know and understand but it never works out this way, ’cause there’s always that “one thing” you didn’t fully specify.
    Paul and NJBMX, this goes out to you, Paul, I hope ya show up at EHT or CJ or HC before the championship and have some fun with all us old tards, NJBMX…guess there’s another rule that needs to be specified next season.

    BMXers are the greatest people in the world…ROCK ON!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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