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    OK, Here it is….

    Since the ABA is coming back to NJ, maybe you want to check out an ABA race. Well Bensalem BMX is having it’s annual RACE FOR LIFE on May 13th, and you DO NOT need an ABA membership in order to race.

    So for 20 dollars you can donate money to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ® and race.

    This is an ABA double point event, so the competition will be there, and Bensalem BMX is only minutes from NJ. NO Excuses come on out and race.

    Check out http://www.bensalembmx.com for all the info and I will see you there.


    Kevin Cassidy and I will be present.


    👿 I already have plans for mothers day weekend !!

    I would love to do some ABA races .


    Yup – the Mrs dont like me racin on her day, and with her dad not doing to well, racing would be a very unpopular choice that day.

    There is also a regional in Meriden, CT that weekend. I was hoping to go there, but have t-ball on Saturday and like I said, mother’s day is out.


    should also note this is the last year for bensalem. I am 33 and my first time there I was 15!!! this is a track with a long history in aba and nbl and will be missed.


    i remember going there for the first time in 1990, 16 x, billy ameriorsano kicked my ass in the motos, haha.. man those doubles out of the 2nd turn ruled.. i miss the old track, the new one doesnt do a thing for me.. but ill go there for the very last race


    Dave that’s a good idea, I say we get a good size crew together and say goodbye to one of the oldest tracks in the area on it’s last day.
    Maybe it’ll make an impact on everyone to get moving on making new ones.


    In the Fall, we have an annual multipoint race. This year to celebrate our long history we are having an “Oldschool” reunion weekend. We will be racing Friday Saturday and Sunday with Sunday being a multpoint race.

    We want everyone to come out that weekend, bring the old gear and the new gear and ride!!! Probably on Saturday night for the most part. We want racers, former racers, friends of racers, anyone and everyone that has ever heard of Bensalem BMX to come out and make a statement to let the powers that be know that BMX has been around for a long time and has helped alot of people.

    We are hoping for some old school stuff, swap meet, pro /am , pit bike race. Pretty much everything but the old bigwheel races. Just because they can’t go anywhere on the track now. Maybe we can block the turnpike road for a couple minutes and let the kids ride on the road. More details for the weekend will come out over the next couple months.

    Snap Pedal Pump!!!


    im in for that one fo sho

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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