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    lets go , what do you guys think of big dicks i love them . i favor thick over long . is this off topic enough or how but those mets HAHAHA . isnt this a bmx site with the internet what it is there are plenty of places to go to talk about whatever I just dont get it . I am one sided the side of bmx because im on a bmx site if i want to voice my opinion on other shit i will go to the site best to do so. I may suck I may work for a overpriced store I may be one sided I may not ride as much but im down with bmx from day one I never quite Im just here to help for me and my family of racers and freestylers( yes it is a family to me not to mention my real family of young new racers ) to grow something that I feel is a good thing if you ride by yourself or with a team IT IS SO EASY TO POINT OUT THE NEGATIVE but why ???? change the F -IN site name to soap opera bmx


    well said Rodney i no not all freestylers wear girls pant that guy just got me p*&& off there is to much negitive stuff going on in here the whole bmx community has got to come togther as one racers and freestylers alike until that happens there is always going to be a problem between the two have a good day


    The more and more i watch these forums the more arguments and snipping and snapping at each other i see.

    i agree fully with rodney. this site is for bmx talks, and jus because it has a general bs section doesnt make it allowable 2 go in there and argue over what i can see as somewhat pointless topics with one another. now i know some of it is all in good nature, but everything grows old after being gone back and fourth about for as long as some of these topics have been.


    cool !!! so much stuff gets taken out of text on this site with just typing your thoughts ,feeling no one really knows unless you are in person or on the phone what that person is trying to get across .


    Speeking of bmx anyone old school in here


    Alot of the folks on here are old school. How far back in time do you wanna go? Got my first ‘Goose in June 1981 and was racing that winter. Had a Mongoose Goldstem, KKTs and Tuff’s 2 years before that. Go look in NJ Racing Veterans or in Introduce Yo’self, and you’ll find alot of us there, not to mention the OS freestylers hanging out here as well. And Brian P and his BMX collection? It doesn’t get anymore Old School than that.


    I grew up with and in the old school, 1979.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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