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    Two of the distinct differences beyween the two major associations, is that one claims it is not for profit, and the other is a for profit organization.
    With a non-profit org, even thought the org makes no profit, the people working do. so as long as you know what you need to make, and you meet that goal, you can sustain yourself year to year.
    The for profit org must sustain it’s ridership as well, but if it wishes to grow, so as to make more profit, it must draw new riders, thus ggrowing it’s profits.
    I know many people reading are die hard NBL’ers (nibblers), but look at the computer program the NBL uses. Outdated 1980’s DOS based. not user friendly. I know I wouldn’t want to be a volunteer and use it. Then look at the ABA’s system, windows based, easy, user friendly.
    Bottom line, if you invest money, it will grow the sport.
    There are many differances between the two, I think it’s time we realized that if we are, as a sport to be taken seriously, we need to grow, we need big sponsors.
    So everytime I hear “the ABA is all about profit” I smile, think to myelf GOOD


    i agree– when bmx was at it’s hight, there was all kinds of outside sponsorship …coke, mcdonalds,– does anyone remember the eagle snaks race team?– big names like miranda and lyons were on that team. and they (eagle snacks)made little bags of chips!!!!

    aba has a ton of outside support, while NBL has very little if any.

    what is the difference in pro payouts between ABA and NBL i wonder?

    anyone have any idea


    Bill, I have to agree.
    Barring truly altruistic individuals, not for profit is the biggest scam going.

    The software is a joke. I see it every week at CJ and I just want to scream every time I see Lisa struggling with it! AND we have to use a freaking 1980’s IMPACT printer!!!
    Still though as professional looking as the ABA is, doesn’t it feel as though they also have “dropped the ball” as far as promoting BMX to the grassroots level.
    I’m working on a mandate and ideas BMX racing at a local level, but I don’t want to put ideas up till they are fully formed.
    (and I run them past J-Rich, 😉 )


    when danny started back around 95 they had the dunkin donoughts ( sp?) team… that was awesome!! does anyone remember them??

    i dont particularly care for profit vs non profit i just wish they would both get their act together and make one sanction so it would help the sport be legit/ mainstream… would def boost popularity if the numbers doubled and even get espn involved again. thats the only way to put it out there is to get it on tv….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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