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    I know you wanna wait fo the meeting, but I think we really need to look at this in another way. One of our gripes is that we can’t get anything done. Why? because it would probably mean the board would have to take action. As I see it, this state board has it set so that they don’t really have to do anything, they have Janeen. So Janeen, a person acording to the statae bylaws, who really has no authority to do anything as clerk cam vote, and make decisions, something some of you have expressed this to be a problem.
    Well gentlemen, you are part of the prob too!! Why? Because when the topic of the Pro series came up, guess what you empowered her again, by letting her say OK, guess what she can’t. and you cna’t have it both ways, technically SHE IS RUNNING the state, not some one like Warnike, she is, Why? because it is easier to let her, than to do anything . Guys, I went to bat, I knew she was lying and making shit up, nad no one gave me a hand. I’m done here good luck, but personally I could care less if there are any tracks left next year, I know that sounds harsh, but three years of this, and Jersey just doesn’t even deserve to have any tracks


    And if you do get one of them to quit, the rest will realize this is no joke and take you seriously, cause by putting Fillipone in there, it was proof they don’t


    Well you’re kinda right. Not to worry about the Pro Series. I see Dave Pawlowski wants to step up and architect that but I’ll have plenty of input. In fact why don’t I start that right now.


    Why bother, Rich tried to do stuff, and got jerked around. Then it was put out there he was suposed to be doing it. Well we are good enough when needed but not good enough to make real decisions, yeah I like being used



    I think the reason we need to have the meeting on the 10th is to get our poop together as a group. I am sorry I didn’t back ya up on the Janeen thing, but I am not sure if an online forum is the place to do that, and like Brett said, what matters most is moving forward from here.

    YES, I do agree with you on how things have played out. But Brett also said that Mr. Fillipone was probably elected illegally, and at a meeting no one knew about. By rights Rich or you or Carolan or Brett should be asst commish. So maybe we can effect that in Jan.

    I think we all agree that we want to walk into the as-yet-to-be-scheduled Jan meeting and just tear the place apart, but I believe change takes time. Last year was the first year for this group. I think many in charge dont believe we will all be around next year. And if you drop out now, you are just proving them right. I think they all feel a bunch of us came back, got fired up, but it wont last. And yeah, not everyone will stick with it for a variety of reasons, but I think as Brett said that if the core of this group holds its ground and shows up in Jan, they will see we are serious and not going anywhere, and hopefully they will see all we want is to re-energize this sport and move it forward.

    Everyone on this forum was there in the 80’s. We may never get back to those days. But like a new friend of mine said, we gotta stop thinking about those days and focus on now, 2007, and the new memories we can create.


    Maybe the way the board is running things means they dont desever tracks….but I definately believe NJ deserves tracks.
    Tons of em.

    We have done more in 8 months than most have in the last 5 years.
    The january meeting will be a landmark event for everyone.
    It will be where Janeen becomes
    Clerk of course and thats all.
    Nancy learns that keeping track of the books will be done promptly and correctly.
    Lisa…will get a voice.
    Scott will be shown we mean business.
    and filippone, will be either unelected, put in his place or maybe we just make sure that when we leave there is PROPER representation of US.

    Landmarks, everything that we have been doing has led up to this.
    I mean it when I say Rich and I have people that trust us to get things done right and to give us money to do so.

    And the thing I believe most from watching all you guys over the past year is that you have finally found your voice and are no longer afraid to “piss people off” in person. Dale showed me that on november 19th. We’re ready…which is probably why they are stalling on the meeting.
    But I WILL be sure to get my point across to Scott and Vinny on Dec 8th at the CJ awards.


    You hit the nail on the head, they didn’t believe you would all last this long. Point is, that that state board isn’t really running anything Linda, and Les are through Janeen. Before you guys all got back all I heard from everyone was Les should leave, now he is gone, and it is like nothing changed. Why, cause he still has his puppet. THE FORUM IS THE PLACE, so everybody can see what is said, and when it comes time to he said she said, BOOM it is right there. She got called out, this one got called out. EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO SAID WHAT, and they won’t have a leg to stand on, Futhermore, there doesn’t have to be yelling in front of kids NOTHING , BOOM, they quit!!!! As far as the postions, you should pick amongst yourselves, and I can’t be one of them because I will be living over the line, and according to the bylaws I can’t, and I don’t want to be a hipocrit!! This is your chance there are enough things that can be brought up.
    How about they want help at EHT, yeh good cause, but Jannen, and whoeve the referee position is have been getting paid, all the days I took off for Flemingtonover the last three years nada, as well as the rest of us, or anyone else, but yet she asks for help Hmmmmmmm
    Sometimes I thinnk they want this this small so it will be controlable!! Good Luck


    @RaidenHayden wrote:

    As far as the postions, you should pick amongst yourselves, and I can’t be one of them because I will be living over the line, and according to the bylaws I can’t, and I don’t want to be a hipocrit!!

    Clarify “living over the line”. Are you moving out of state?

    I dont want to hijack this thread, just curious.

    I see your point on getting called out online. I never thought about the whole “in front of the kids” stuff, but I usually save the adult conversations for after when most of the parents and kids have left, and then get into it with that person or persons. Except for the actual races, I try not to get too fired up during an event.


    Yes, I’m moving to PA, albeit just across the river, but across the river, these people have been in power sooooooooooo long they will not go peacefully, and will turn this into a he said she said deal, Janeen tried with the one thread, but it was all in print written words don’t lie, and yelling won’t occur in a siuation if you control it. Which you do not as of yet. And everytime I hear the talk, two or three monthes from now it kissy kissy all better till next time.

    Craig, lower taxes NO MORTGAGE, bigger house with more property, need I say more


    The meeting on the 10th is gonna be pretty big, not like the little thing at my house, that’s why I picked applebees as the back up.
    We have EVERYTHING in place to do what we have to.
    Craig you’re right, this has the potential to get REAL FUCKING NASTY, and if we just blow it up here, it’s not gonna work.
    Bill, if this was me by myself trying this, it wouldn’t work, just like it wouldn’t work with just you or just Farside or just Richie Rich, (he is apparently down with the nickname…wish I could shake that douchebag one I am hung with…lol)
    But 6-8 guys who have now know the rules (by-laws), have backing and have finally had it with the bullshit…well now that’s something.
    And I ain’t saying they are just gonna roll over, I am saying that things are gonna change.
    Because if you think that I will just go and do all this with you guys and get blasted when we are doing the right thing then you need to talk to Rod. The time to plan is the 10th, the time to act is in january.
    And they better hope to hell that they do no try to play this meeting in secret or some shit, because there will be a whole new forum created just to deal with “NJ BMX”


    You can have all the meeting you want, nothing will change, you have all the op in the world to make this happen, youknow what you have for resources, cut the snakes head off and the body will die, you will win simple. All this secret forum shit, and we will have meeting how many have you had and nothing!!!!!! Blah BLah like I said a field


    I have reviewed the by laws. It is pretty standard language. The rules look clear, and the responsibilities of the board members look clear too. I think the problem is that the board members are either happy with the way things are, or they don’t have the foresight in which to change it. I really don’t know any of them, I don’t know their backgrounds in business, marketing or promotions. What we need is people in place that have these skills. Only people with experience in these areas can make the changes. BMX is like any service, but you got to know how to sell it. Promotion is the key. Good marketing, good advertising will make it happen. Also a good understand of economics helps. One of the big problems I see is a lack of understanding of how to efficiently run a not- for-profit company. Again, I don’t know the qualifications of the people in charge. It looks like we have people here that have experience in many different areas. What needs to happen now is give control to the people who have the knowledge in these areas. You can’t expect change if you don’t know how to achieve it. My one recommendation would be that the board recognizes that they don’t know everything, and let the people who do, get the job done. Give up some control and we can move ahead.



    I told Brett, that it seems like the board are happy with the current status, that being that Janeen basically runs everything, I do not know her qualifications, but I can tell you I would not let her run my lemonade stand. The rest simply go with the flow so as not to make it harder on themselves. Action now give more time for people to ge the ball rolling for next year

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