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    Unfortunately CJBMX has had to cancel the Bubba Harris Supercamp BMX clinic due to Bubba having to attend the UCI SuperX race in China at the new Olympic track. Sorry to everyone who was looking to attend, rest assured it will be rescheduled.
    For more info contact track director Mike Reszkowski at ARTICBUNCH@aol.com

    Peace out ya BMX dawgs!




    Why would you say something like that?



    im sure lots of little kids are upset over the fact that he bailed out on them


    if he is rescheduling its not considerd a bailout… there is nothing you can do about the uci schedule… may have something to do with him falling in canada and prob cant use that race points wise so now he has to do another one…crap happens…hes a pro its his job… but he is not in the habit of disapointing kids… he does TONs of clinics each year im sure they will have it rescheduled asap.


    Anyone who has mailed in a deposit,or paid for the clinic at the track please feel free to call me 908 420 2291 .we are trying to come up with a reschedule date but will probably end up being spring 08.there is no ill will towards bubba, I totally understand that he and dad had to go to china.No problem. look forward to having them in the future.Please call me so I go over deposit options. Thanks Mike Rez


    Dissapointing for sure, but like bmxmom said, Bubba and Berlin are the last two people who would want to let the kids down. Here’s the deal…

    Basically, the race to the Olympics are on. Word is that the US is going to have three positions available. If you want one of them, you have to attend and do well at ALL the SX/ UCI races from now until the Olympics.


    Ill tell u what.. My kid is more pissed than I am! If its gonna be next year I’m takin the refund! This was his birthday present!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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