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    alright, so last night, i was riding my bike in the middlesex funeral home parking lot, working on a new link i thought of while i was at work. and my little brother, who skates, and is pretty damn good too, came up to watch me and do some manuals and stuff. well like 50 feet away from the dead house is a quickie mart. and there is some type of ledge where the sign is for the quickie mart. so my brother was skating it, doing 180s and kickflips and other tricks i don’t know the names too. then i cruised over there to see what he was up to. and then we see a cop fly by us. aand i go, “watch, joe, that cop is going to come back here and tell us to leave.” long behold, that guy comes back and tells us its private property and that we need to leave or else we will be arrested.

    so we said okay, have a nice night. waited for him to leave and five minutes later my brother is back up there throwing down some wild moves. ten seconds later the cops out and we book it out of there.

    no here is one thing i don’t understand. if everything is private property, where exactly would you like us to ride and skate? in the midde of the road waitiing to get macked by a truck.

    i know this subject has been touched many times, but i’m sick of getting kicked out of a parking lot for spinning on my front tire. its gone to far. i’m going to, sometime this week, write a letter and try to get a skatepark going. the ex-mayor of middlesex, said he would help me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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