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    hey if anyone hasnt pre registered for the grands now is the time to do it…the mail in deadline was yesterday( postmarked 8/14) but you can still register online on the nbl site. i dont know how much longer it will be up.

    the reason i am reminding folks is you DO NOT WANT TO GET STUCK IN THAT LINE in ky. no matter how much you say no big deal… please think about it now…. if you have little riders they will be on their own… while you are STANDING IN THE HEAT. what a royal pain in the a**…. believe me you will be standing there most of the day without a doubt, then they will cut the line off just 10 people before you get there… “oh its time for lunch shut the line down”. ( true story no lie)

    just remember i told ya so!!!


    Minimum wait time in the Grands Registration line is 4 hours.
    And you thought Disney’s lines were long 😯


    sounds like an…
    efficiency problem.


    yaaa…. like 2 people serving at a window in wendys drive thru with a line of 300 starving people waiting for thier lunch orders…


    betcha it would move quicker than the nbl grands line…. 😆


    Dear nbl, (NoBodyListens)
    They make these new things called swipe cards where you can put information on a magnetic strip where you can slide the card through a reader and it will upload and download info to the card..i.e.: points, move ups, name, class, age…etc..
    and there’s this really neat invention called credit and debit cards, they also use the “swipe” principle.
    Now…the whole nbl bucks thing is a whole nother ball of wax that you backed yourself into and you’ll have to figure a way out of that one.
    (Don’t use the bucks for registration…or have it put on the membership swipe card that doesnt exist yet)
    Here ya go real world.
    4 windows, 2-pay, 2- register

    1. Walk up to register window
    2. swipe card (registration info automatically entered, easy peesy) “did he just say easy peesy?)
    “will you be paying cash, credit or nbl bucks?”
    3. Cash- cash window please
    4. Credit- credit window please
    5. nbl bucks- already on the membership card and deducted right there at registration

    BOOM, f everyone I solved the problem, all we need to do is implement it. …Now when I say we, this time I mean THE nb freaking l.
    For those of you wondering….the aba already has this program in place basically and also for LOCAL TRACKS.
    jeesh already.


    And just how long, Brett can you hold your breath. Should you attempt this will be a world record, or a fatality 😯


    you still have 300 people in line with swipe cards…

    i dont know if i am slow or what but how does this eliminate the line? i guess if it cuts it down from 4 hrs to 2 thats a plus!!

    then you have the new rules of “only the owner of the card is allowed to swipe, no swiping of anothers card for them…haha” there will be counterfeit swiping cards like canadian coins… i can see someone in line with 25 cards in his hand swiping for his whole team..haha i see a riot happening here….

    i like the idea though… you say the aba already does this? how long are their lines at the grands? does anyone know?


    Yeah and illegal immigrants will be using them as alternative ID’s this could be the beggining of the end


    One can never account for all variables when dealing with human beings.
    If a team manager swipes for 25 riders all at once, then pays 1125 on a credit card…hasn’t that saved a bunch of time…
    or you could have a card just for team managers.
    With the whole team on it.
    Actually if you did it right, all you would need would be swipe card stations, and maybe 1-2 people taking care of errors.
    It’s like going to wawa to make a sandwich…
    remember the old way of telling the person the order, wuh, huh,
    then they put in the computer, self sandwich making things.
    and there was confusion at first, then it made things much simpler and more efficient.


    Brett, baby steps, fisrt they have to have an addequate computer system, then they can start linking other options to the system, till then this is all a waste of time. Baby steps my friend


    OH and christmas is coming


    We’ll all know when the nbl gets it’s sheot together, ’cause we’ll see that big headline:

    Satan Seen Wearing Parka!


    things wont change until BOB is gone and that wont be until after the olimpics



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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