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    My idea from a few months ago is already implemented in Wisconsin.
    Here’s a link, scroll down to practice tracks.
    This is the direction we (and yes I mean WE, dammit, I can’t do this all alone, hey 4130 this is where that whole NO SANCTION JUST HAVE FUN THING, would come in) need to take this.
    Perhaps this is what should be attempted with what we are trying to do in Toms River as opposed to getting another sanctioned track.
    All we need are public small tracks where kids can “hit the jumps” and get the same buzz we did when we were 10-12.
    NOW, how do we get into TR?


    Yep, this is it.
    I finally figured out what I’m supposed to do.
    I’ll help with what I can with racing in NJ, but the focus now will be 100% get places for kids to just ride BMX bikes.
    To just have fun.
    Fun, yea…


    Brett, you may be on to something…key paragraph from the article:

    “So many people associated with bicycle motocross automatically jump to the conclusion that we need more tracks. I think a legitimate argument can be made that, for the moment, at least, there are already enough. There is almost constant discussion of low moto counts around the nation. What we could really use, eh, is more riders. In the 80’s … formal race tracks popped up everywhere. There were probably more than a dozen tracks in Wisconsin in the hay-days of BMX. But, as more tracks popped up … the informal riding areas went away. When the first crop of racers got old enough to get their licenses and moved on to other activities (sure do wish I had just stayed on the bike!), the fresh crop of “sandlot” kids wasn’t there to replace them. “


    That’s it.
    This could in effect open up a whole industry much like the “skateboard park companies” have come into being.
    The key is in how to get towns to accept a practice track in much the same way as a skatepark, i.e: having it fall under the same guidelines for insurance and liability.
    This is one more thing that a truly active and functioning group of people who truly loved BMX could be trying to push. Yes it will be difficult in the beginning but the benefits outweigh any problems we may encounter on the way.
    Ok, enough talk, Brick and TR are ripe for this, our scene is nuts and could use a place for kids to ride for free. I will talk to everyone at the meeting and the next race and see if we can not move forward on this.


    practice tracks?? arg


    Do you have any way that we could get to talk to someone in a parks and rec setting who might have an idea on how to begin to do this.
    I see Dave’s not too hip on it. But small sets of jumps with some berms where a complete newb could roll around and have a good time, would recreate the scene.
    I’ve been thinking of this in the wrong direction. How to fix it at the organizational level. We have to think about how to fix this at the most basic level there is, the 10-12 year old kid who sees some jumps and wants to get a little air.
    When one becomes too hardcore you lose sight of how to continue on what you feel so strongly about.
    I remember the “hardcore” phase in freestyle, what a bad thing that was.
    I will feel we have accomplished something other than being bitch internetaholics when we have some places for kids to ride in NJ that don’t have the tags, aba or nbl attached to them.


    The only thing most parks and rec commitees want to know is the insurance for the liability. That is why if you use a sanction, say like the ABA, with 24/7/365 coverage, it easier to get a track than a bunch of jumps. Also with the towns they know the track is maintained by someone, however, a bunch of trails needs a dedicated caretaker, then the question becomes who? They don’t want the hassles. Then if you get past that, a track when open has staffing watching the activities, who does this during the day? My friend it all comes down the the lawyers


    How do all these local skateparks operate? They are all insured by the town? If these other states and towns can do it, we can. I’m sure there is a way, just have to find the right person to get an inroad…


    How hard is it to maintain concrete!!!!! Germany has several of these public trails parks


    If you fall…
    what has a better chance of breaking you off?
    Dirt…. 😀


    Williamstown H/S put in a skate/ bike park around 4 yrs ago

    1st year You had to buy a membership

    3rd year You only needed to sign in They had someone there while they were open checking for helmet/pads

    Now the gate is open no sign in just go and ride no body checking for helmets , pads or anything !!!! 🙄 🙄

    I was there 2 MO ago a couple of kids were riding I asked if they race they said no ” we just ride trails and like to jump “
    So i say wouldn’t be great to have a track with jumps right next to the skate park They were all over it !!!!

    There are a lot of kids out there with bikes that aren’t ready for EHT or a skate park but I bet they would love to ride a nice easy track with some bermed turns !!!!!


    In Pa., there is a law, the Recreational Use of Land and Water Act of 1969, which, until a few years ago was unheard of, and the trial lawyers tried to keep it that way.
    What it states is that an owner of land or water, if he chooses to admit the public onto his land for the purpose of recreational activites AT NO CHARGE, that owner is limited to the amount of liability that he can assume, in this case, $5,000. There isin’t a lawyer out there that will get off his ass for $5K.
    That is why all of a sudden here in Pa you see a lot of towns opening skateparks, because it covers munincipalities as well.

    We use this law at our trails here in Plains, WhiteSox Dirt Park. As long as there are signs posted with this law advertised, as we do, we are protected from lawsuits.

    Just type “RULWA” in your browser and read up on it. I’m sure there is something in NJ that pertains to this, it’s probably just buried somewhere at the behest of the ambulance chasers and bottom feeders…( I don’t like lawyers..even my lawyer hates lawyers!!)


    The issue in Jersey is insurance, Sparta NJ opened up a park, but for boards only!!!! Why insurance! Milford PA, same thing, they said it was insurance, I know this cause my supervisor was instrumental in getting it done as he lived there. For what ever reason, bikes are a bigger liability


    Has anyone considered talking to local farmers with land to spare for a track.I know there is such a thing as private park insurance also someone or i can talk to midget sports org. on how they insure there programs.I was involved in midget sports for over 10 years.I dont know how many acres we will need im not experienced in that for track size and parking.

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