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    Not too far in the past when the Brick Skatepark opened, a concerned group of individuals approached the town council about having an area for bikes or letting bikes into the skatepark.
    As of now the rules have been relaxed to the point that bikes have an uneasy “ok” to ride in the local park.
    James Rempkowski at one point approached the council about having a BMX track in Brick, getting all the info from the aba and giving it to the township, who, of course, promptly did 0.
    But then again, that was a few years ago before this whole website and “movement” started.
    So Jim and I have decided to reinvest some time into this effort and attempt to get NJ’s first BMX practice track, i.e.: no sanction place to ride, going in Brick.
    This will require some effort from all the Brick locals, and there are quite a few, but nothing is impossible, you just have to make the politicians believe it is in their own best interest and in Brick, youth activities are a major interest.
    So, we will be finding out when council meetings are and will start hammering home the points, meeting after meeting and getting some sort of act together on this.
    BMX is covered under the same laws as skateboarding, and rollerblading, i.e.: it is an obvious dangerous activity and keeps the town our of major liability issues.
    If you can help and live in Brick, post here, pm me, or email and I’ll get you my number.


    Um….next one is tonight…Not sure if I can make that on 10 hours notice but the next one yes.

    Here is how the meeting shall go. Number 8 is where you start the ball rolling. A. mention it this time, state why, state insurance, state location, state approx. cost to build
    B. return with actual facts and several more people
    C. Repeat
    D. Repeat
    E. you get the idea.
    F. Election time, find someone looking to do something for the kids….

    1. Call to order.
    2. Adequate notice of this meeting was provided and published in the Brick Town News and the Ocean County Observer on January 12, 2006. Copies of the agenda were provided to the newspapers, posted on public bulletin boards and the township website (http://www.twp.brick.nj.us). At this time please turn off all cell phones and pagers.

    3. a. Roll Call.

    b. Salute to the Flag/Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence.

    c. Accept reports of Municipal Officers.

    d. Approve minutes of May 9, 2006.

    4. Comments on Resolutions:

    ____1. Authorize change order- Greenbriar II, Phase II Roadway Improvement Project.

    ____2. Authorize change order- Condominium Garbage Collection.

    ____3. Authorize receipt of bids – Purchase and Delivery of two (2) Class I, Type III Ambulances for Township EMS Squad.

    ____4. Create change funds for various departments.

    ____5. Refund balances in Police Road Job Trust Account.

    ____6. Authorize application of Municipal Alliance Grant.

    ____7. Authorize application of Recreation Grant.

    ____8. a. Bond release- T.A.E., LLC/Dr. Tiberiu Gross- University Court.

    b. Performance Bond Release- Brick Self Storage- Aurora Drive.

    ____9. Tax Collector:

    a. Tax overpayments 1999.

    b. Tax overpayments 2001.

    c. Tax overpayments 2004.

    d. Tax overpayments 2005.

    e. Tax overpayments 2006.

    ___10. Bill Resolution- Computer 2006.

    ___11. Bill Resolution- Manual 2006.

    5. Ordinances on First Ordinance :

    ____1. Amend EMS Fee.

    6. Ordinances on Second Reading:

    ____1. Authorize acceptance of Block 770, Lots 24, 25, 26 and 27 from Homes Now.

    ____2. Amend and Supplement Chapter 196- Flood Hazard Areas.

    7. Council Comments.

    8. Public Hearing- each person addressing the Council shall limit his/her remarks to five minutes pursuant to Brick Township Administrative Code 10-14.

    9. Adjournment.

    And any other matters which may come before Council.

    Formal Action may be taken at all meetings.


    hey brett thats not north!! i said northern nj…..



    What’s our north jersey status?


    yes brett, i missed the last meeting too. but i do know the next one is on the 26th of sept. im planningm on going. how about you? i guess we can get together and talk before then.


    Yea, we’ll call the one last night, their lucky day…’cause we weren’t there politely harassing them …hehe…
    Yes, I should be able to make the 26th.
    That gives me…13 days to get some stuff together.
    Emails about the state meeting are going out tonight.


    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    What’s our north jersey status?

    I thought Bill already built a practice track behind his house. 😀 😀

    To be honest, no status, but since we all had the collective BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) about practice tracks, its been in my mind and I am curious to see how you and Jim (the guinea pigs) make out two weeks from now. Even though the ABA is not officially here, anything Bill Curtin might be able to throw our way? That would raise the ABA’s stock here a little. We all know how much help we’re gonna get from the NBL on this, even though they (at least as of now) will benefit in the long run from our efforts.


    I’m sure our status after that first meeting will be….
    But gimme like 5 or 6….and a year..and 20 kids…
    So…keep looking for updates, lol

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