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    until when are we going to let the rich class society have control over us the poor classs society.


    Numbers are just a form of control…………….think about it

    1)Social Security Number
    2)Employee ID Number
    3)House Number
    4)Telephone Number
    5)Credit/Atm Number
    6)Check Number
    7)License/plate Number

    We as a society are so brainwashed by the number system control method…..How many of you guys regardless of income level honestly believe you can ever make ends meet?????????The system is designed by the Elite for the commoner to fail plain and simple……………..Even if you ever pay off that house you will still pay tax on the property……And that 50,000 car in the driveway after thats paid off its headed for the junkyard(that is if it is not repoed first)

    Look at all these fake ass so called advances in “Crime Technology” that we have been duped into believing exist…….Plain and simple all they have to do is run a check on any document /device above and within days you are caught……People are wowed….”Gee authorities are really on top of things” CONTRARE Monfrair………..Same lazy fuck sitting at a cubicle 8 (again control)hours a day just ran your name in a database(numbers).

    It is so funny that during World War 2 the USA went to Germany to stop the Holocaust(where people were being branded with numbers). And at the same time in America the Social Security number was put into effect.
    This to me was the beginning of a Communistic State in America…………

    Numbers how ever great or small are a major downfall of Civilization……………..


    Let us look and see where poverty comes from…………
    These (numbers of course are astonishing to say the least…………..


    Maybe it already happened we just dont know it yet


    A society does not “become” controlled. It gives up control.
    Look around you, how many of your peers are concerned with what goes on around them that actually will have a major impact on their lives. You need only to go to the store to pick up soap or shoes and see where most peoples priorities lie. Stand in a check out line and see that everything around us caters to celebrities and nonsense and not actual issues.
    We have to get off of the “monetary” system and get on some sort of semi “morality” system. I don’t mean one of those crazy right wing “fear whatever deity you may” things but something that rewards people who take care of their kids, help society, help each other, instead of only rewarding those who aqcuire the most monetary “wealth”.
    Part of the problem lies in peoples inane need to “keep up with the jones’s”, big suv belies big suv, mcmansion belies mcmansion. Does an executive of a pharmecutical company need a 7 figure salary with compensation or should he have the morals to say, I only need 85,000 a year, let the employees have the rest.
    It’s not so much that poverty is bad for us, but the fact that too much emphasis is placed on “being monetarily” rich.

    Just try and be a decent person, shit will fall into place and if not, at least you never gave up who you are to get where you are.


    The funny thing is there are 7 figure people out there who do care. I am not trying to grandstand here, but can truly say I can count amongst my friends a couple of 7 figure folks and several high 6 fig folks too, and all of them, HONESTLY, are caring folks that started with ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING, have given freely of themselves and gave back before they made the cash, and continue to do so, and they all have tremendous family lives, they did not sell out. Unfortunately this is the exception and not the norm. So here’s my vote for true compassionate capitalism. There is nothing wrong with making the money if its moral, ethical and legal. Money will always flow to a good ideas properly executed. A main problem in this country is the lack of BASIC financial literacy. You’re right, $85,000 is more than enough if you got your financial house in order and are not leveraged to the hilt. Its like when people are “shocked” that you can lose weight by eating less and excercising more. Fix your finances by spending less and saving & investing more. Shocker!

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