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    Stephanie Defeo was World Champ I’m pretty sure and Kathy Schachel was number 1 several times.
    Waynes last name btw was funky but something like McFarquhar.
    Terry Zeuner also rode for SE.
    Sal Zeuner first rode for MCS.

    Dont forget;
    Charlie Litsky – Mongoose
    Mikey Mayes – SE Racing
    Amon Emeka – Jag (World Champion if I remember right)
    Steve Cohen – Jag


    That appears to be the first turn at the one Nat at Braddock


    Can someone tell me how to post pics here?


    Ok, I’m gonna put a link up here to a permanent, “how to post pics here” post.
    Gimme a sec.


    How to post pics using photobucket.


    If you need more answers just respond to that post, and I’ll answer em there. Also if it’s ok to use the photos you post elsewhere on the site, it would be cool if everyone just put a “ok to copy” thing next to their pictures.

    Might be cool if we did an “old school pic of the week” and a “new school pic of the week” up on the front page of the site.

    Now, I gotta go write Jarrett Justice. —



    Name the rider,year and track…………..


    flemington is the 1st track


    AHHHHHHHHH…………….Nope sorry. Here’s a hint, the first pic is not in N.J……….but is a east coast track. Also somewhere in that 1st photo is a “CYCLING” legend. Can anyone pick him out and name him?


    Years I’m not good with, but let’s see.
    Pic 2- Farside at Howell? WOS?

    Pic 3- Charlie Williams leading, Rich Anderson in the Torker colors?

    Pic 4- Doug Davis…howell?

    Pic 5- Loper at Howell…on the MCS ride..

    Pic 1 is you in the lead on Blue Max, but the other guys..and where..no idea.


    1st pic-Me Blue Max #92,Brad Dalbec #14-Meridain Conn. 1984-WOS

    2nd pic-Farside(Hutch) #3 at Howell-1981-WOS

    3rd pic-Franco Perrino#15(Co-GHP) leading the Avalanch at Howell-1984-WOS

    4th pic-Farside#5(D.B.) Howell-1984 -WOS

    5th pic-Mark Lopez(MCS) Howell-1981 local

    As for the bonus question………who is the cycling legend in photo 1.
    #64 John Tomac(Mongoose) next to me.


    holy shit, I never knew Franco was co-GHP at one point, and to be roosting the Avalanche!

    Damn, I have forgotten that Tomac started in BMX, man he was the king of MTB for so long…

    We should start some contests on this stuff, like real contests, give away stuff kind of contests.


    Who is the Action wheels #09 rider in pic 1 ??


    @CWCCRIDER wrote:

    Who is the Action wheels #09 rider in pic 1 ??

    Joe Layton


    Cool pics, thats for posting Mark.
    Joey Layton must have joined Action Wheels after I moved to California. I seem to remember him riding for Puch in 81 but could have him confused with another rider Ive met and raced so many.

    Man look how cool the uniforms were back then. That shot of Franco on GHP (I never knew he rode for them) and the Torker riders uniforms look way better then anything today. Hell teams even had their team name on the pants. The Blue Max uniform was tight. BTW remember your teamate Karim Richardson? He came to SoCal for the Powerlite 1000. That was like a National BITD. I filled out a team sheet and he raced for “Actiion Wheels” that day 🙂 I think we won Team Trophy or got second. Karim was super friendly and fast.

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