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    last night i found out he is in the hospital. He has been diagnosed as bi polar. Some real scary **** happened with him today. do not want to go into too much detail. But heis in the hospital rgiht now. Anyone that knows me knows i love my 2 nephews a whole lot. I just took him to the track for the first time a few weeks ago. All he talked about since is racing. Well I will be damned but he is gonna race next year.Iam trying not to lose it right now. I am gonna go to work tommorow. My brother and his ex-wife are there now. Figured they have enough stress without me there breaking down. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. David isthe one that is in the hospital standing under my wife (I posted this on vintage.)
    he will be in the hospital through x-mas but will be allowed to come home and go back, I have been a wreck all day.between people giving me crap at the job and this i was ready to kill. My brother is taking it hard. But I have faith that this will pass and he will be on the gate in the spring. I knowi talk alot of trash but this time i really need all you guys prayers with this one.


    Ant, hang in there. Ill be praying for all of you.


    You definitely have my family’s prayers with you and your family….


    Might not be bi polar-just found this out man i hope so that would be a HUGE birthday gift for me. knowing he is alright.


    Our Thoughts and prayers go out to your family, for the Medical team to have the Wisdom to make the correct diagnosis. and to bring Peace and Comfort to your Nephew and your family members that are unsure what is going on, and what this will mean for the family!
    We Ask God that his will be done here to restore and guide this family in this time of uncertainty.

    On a side note,.. don’t get to stressed out,.. with all of the things that one can have,. Bi-polar is not a huge thing,.. there are medications for this, as long as the proper diagnosis is made,. and it may take trying some of the different medications to see which works best for him. either way,.. BMX is still a viable answer here,.. this may be a Focal point, that may give him a moment of clarity,..

    Either Way,.. Pray, Ask Jesus to lay his hand on your nephew,.. and remain faithful. Prayer works!!!

    Anything is possible with God!

    Ephesians 5:20 always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Have a merry Christmas,.



    hope fully it is not bi polar ant ill keep you guys in mind


    Found out he is not bi polar but has depression and something else. Am gonna go see him tommorow. Funny thing I talked to him today. first thing he said was ” I got my helmet and pads uncle anthony” I told him he needed those to race. his mom got him some. Thanx guys this has been a rough couple of days for me.


    ant we will certainly keep the little guy in our prayers… keeping your cool will def help your brother you are correct… thank god he has you to lean on. when it comes to our kids there is nothing worse…

    whatever happens make sure you suggest 2nd opinion… ALWAYS … if the diagnosis is correct it takes many many tests and you wont have any answers in 1 week.

    keep the faith and remember there are all sorts of medications/ therapies nowadays its not the worst you can have i know that dosnt help but bipolar/ depression is not uncommon nowadays and i work in a school with many kids who have similar disorders they are fine and do very well..

    keepin you and your family in our prayers….


    I could not go see him today, because he is only allowed 2 visitors a day not 2 at a time. I was really upset but i told his brother to give him a big hug from me and his aunt.


    merry christmas… ant how is the little guy making out??

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