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    Yeah, it’s taken a while, but I recently signed back up after getting a tast of the last Broken Spokes Forum. I also got a new bike to ride, a DK Signal, and the fire hydrants to decades are slowly becoming more consistent by the session.

    Things are looking up for me, new bike, new outlook on life, and that bitch of a whore I used to call my wife has finally stopped annoying me.

    Whats up fellow broken spokers?


    Funny you should judge Schmeed when you are doing fire hydrant to decade in what 2006????????????????????????

    That guy was doing nofooted whiplash 15 years ago


    I know i’m not a good bike rider. having gay-dar has nothing to do with my skills on a bike though. i spent time in jail, i can tell a gay dude when i see one. Maybe you’re getting so defensive because you’re gay? is that a pink triangle tattoo on you arm?


    I don’t think anyone here is concerned with anyone elses sexual preferance.
    ALSO, I have a bunch of young dudes and dudettes who come to this site and I’d rather them not have to deal with stuff like wondering if someone is gay or not.
    Doesn’t matter to me and I guess I’m gonna have to pull here and say that out here in the regular forums I’d like everyone to be cool and stick with BMX and being cool to each other.
    Oh and I personally know Adam…that should be obvious, and I know he isn’t, but if he was I wouldn’t care, I have other friends from all walks of life and some of them have problems that society might shun them for.
    If I have to keep policing this stuff, I’m going to have make changes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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