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    Moto-X doesn’t use paved berms.
    Didn’t we evolve from that?
    I understand the logic behind a paved berm, but sometimes a step forward is two steps back.
    The younguns do not remember the days of a rider just diving low being able to drop a foot down and make a clean pass.

    And, a few guys tried to run clips BITD. Track operators stopped them, it was only when the nbl and aba allowed the pros special privilege to run them that they became the thing to wear.

    1998- Clips come into BMX racing.
    Has BMX racing grown or shrunk since then?
    I am also finding out that a lot of people who have been involved in BMX notice this same thing.
    If we ban clips…now stay with me here…
    BMX racing suddenly opens itself up to the potential of TONS of potential SHOE sponsors that will pump money back into our sport.
    Keep buying Time and Shimano and money gets funneled from us to other disciplines, I’m sorry but that just sorta bothers me, ya know?
    Vans has a huge BMX program. I buy Vans.

    1990-1995 BMX freestyle riders take control of the sport.
    Has BMX freestyle grown or shrunk since then?
    Off topic…but just beating my drum again.


    The thing to be aware of with the clips, once they are banned, the sport WILL take an intitial hit with losing riders, but in the long run I think it would be for the better. Think about this. A kid rides his bike all over the neighborhood, goes to the loacl trails to watch the locals shred, then goes to the track, and sees the riders are clipped in! How alien is that? HE had never thought about locking his feet to the pedals, which is how it is percieved at first. I think they have hurt the sport


    True, it has sort of created two classes of BMX riders.
    No diss to anyone clipped in.


    After more consideration, what Bill just said is what I have been trying to figure out how to say all along.


    Good arguement…I have to say I left the sport a long time ago, but have come back through my kids. I was shocked to see the changes BMX has made. My last race I rode a custom cycle craft and vision street wear sneaks…both names long gone…so what do I do coming back out…I throw VANS on my kids feet and send them out to race…I moan and groan to my husband about how clips have ruined the sport…what has happened to the pros that put on a fly show at the last straight for all mom and dad photogs…I blamed it on the clips…HOWEVER…one day a GIRL in my daughters class says, HEy Layla, you’ve really gotta get yourself some clips…so that’s just what we did…is she tearing it up out there now…no…but she’s having a damn good time. As for my son, we got him clips when he first started and rides them around the neighborhood, I will NOT let him use them until he and the riders around him are in better control of themselves…he’s still a rookie in the 5 and under class…but in time he’ll be clipped in, if that is where the sport continues to go…
    My opinion, I don’t think its the paved berms and clip shoes that have caused the sport to deteriorate. I think it is society and a lack of respect for the sport as a whole…and why is there a lack of respect? Because people don’t know much about it. Take skateboarding…that went down the tubes for a long time. I went from coming home from school and having 30+ guys at my house riding my halfpipes, to watching them rot in my backyard. Skateboarding is back with a vengeance. and why? NOt because they decided to go back in time and make those skinny a@@ banana boards and everyone started wearing half tops, but because Tony Hawk stepped up and started an empire throught freaking video games…I’m not saying we need BMiddaugh to start making video games(but try if you can!)…but through this website and many others like it, there will be change. All these ideas, different points of view, passion, bmx will come back. Just look at the 5 and under class, they have a main almost every race….And as for heroes, I was wrong, they are out there. For me, I like watching you old dogs…but my kids, they are watching the up and coming. Certain 12 ex’s 8 ex’s and even a few of those girls out there. That is where the future lies…
    Okay, I just totally went off on a tangent right there…


    jayla is correct…i thnk you hit the nail right on the head….

    the only reason we did the clip transformation when my son was 7( i told him he needed to wait till he turned nov 1st) was because everyone else in his class rode them and it was more pressure from the dads in the group( “oh wait and see how fast you will be i promise..” and low and behold he finally beat the kid whos dad told him to get the clips..lol) of kids he hung around with. i was like.. no way no clips….marcus told him no way…( back then he would only listen to marcus…lol not us) then next weekend he had them on at a regional at mullica and the rest is history…

    it really dosnt make sence to have non bmx companies (like you said mostly roadies shoes) make them but what can you do if there is no choice? kids push thier parents to “conform” when they are young and you want to give your kid any advantage you can..only when they get older they make the switch back to flats and discover ..hey its really me thats fast ..not my friggin shoes… lol

    as far as the video games go i agree 100%%%%%

    lets go brett you could do some serious ground -breaking here..think of the millions you could make in this dept??? fortunately i think alot of bmx riders would rather ride than play-race…i dont know many of the kids who raced when they were younger were too busy out on their bikes to be sitting in the house with a controller in thier hands…


    I guarentee there will be BMX racing games after the Olympics, some clown will definately capitalize on that.

    To me the bottom line is this.
    BMX is losing potentially MILLIONS of dollars in outside promotion by continuing to allow the use of clips.

    If the nbl and aba would ban them and approach every single shoe company out there, we would see some cash.
    Hell, we have I believe 2 or 3 shoe companies for BMX (freestyle) based right here in NJ.
    I’m not bitching about clips, I don’t care, I mean you can run barefoot like Purse did in PR, (anyone see that video?) but I see the marketing potential and how things could be, and wonder why aren’t we doing this?

    And you’re also right about the heroes thing and the young dudes and dudettes, since we all come from the OS we know the names, Jensen, Scofield, Elliot.

    I’ll leave with this,
    yea skating didn’t go back to banana boards…but they didn’t strap their feet onto them either.

    My new slogan.
    1 sport.
    1 Shoe.
    No clips.
    Get involved.

    and my second slogan which of course is always,
    I’m a little crazy..


    I’d also like to say, that quite often I think of putting a lot of stuff of the little guys out there, but I get a little nervous when I deal with parents, I know how they can get.
    I would like to say that some of the best footage I have of racing this year is Dulock and Cranmer.
    They are also 2 very cool kids.


    I don’t kow about anyone else’s house, but in mine, I should record myself yelling TURN THE GAMECUBE OFF AND GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!! Then I go on about how when I was a kid I had more important things to do than to sit my butt in front of the tv…truth be told after a long day of building dirt jumps with my brothers and all the other fellow local bmxers from bitd…we were all up for some intense sega cartridge game playing….
    As for the whole VAns comment…what a way to market. I’m at my kids school parade, I see Crazycooter there, between his family and mine, you look down and all you see is Vans…not only do kids throw on vans after the race, but DC, Etnies….These kids are also mall rats(I know this because I work in one)…what better way to market a sport than throw up some flyers in some of those mall stores…I have even spoken to one in partciular that is totally willing and interested in allowing me to put in flyers etc. Now this is a local store in a mall located right outside EHT…They are geared toward sk8ing, snowboarding, dirtjumping, etc. Wants to know where you do something like BMX!!!! DOWN THE ROAD!!! He even said he would like to come out and watch the sport to gain knowledge…
    BMX shouldn’t just be marketed through bike shops and with free race flyers put on bikes, but to those that are into the independant sports. Surf shops, skate shops and the like. I talk to a ton of parents who don’t even know the sport exists, but also don’t even know how to get knowledgeable about the sport…


    jayla I have something in the works that plays right up the alley you are talking about.
    I will have the design done by next week.
    A nice big ol poster to hang in shops that showcases the 07 state series and all our tracks.
    I’ll post it as soon as I get it done.


    and since I am the head of the NJBMX promotions committee I will make sure we get it printed out at the next meeting.

    I’m gonna use some of that little kid hero marketing in there as well, that was a good idea and I know a couple young dudes to put on there.


    Wow, that is fantastic…now if you could point me in the right direction as to where to send potential new riders for information…NBL. org is geared toward the national level…obviously new riders start at the local level…the CJ site is spectacular…can something be done with the EHt one so I can direct people there? Nobody doubt me here, I love EHT….would like to get more riders there…..


    njbmx.org will be redone come jan-feb of 07.
    There’s a lot on the plate and I’m trying to prioritize, lol.
    But njbmx.org in 07 will be the place for info on BMX racing in NJ.
    State series, track info, beginner, info, board info, etc.
    NJBMX.org was the nets first BMX website, and we are gonna put the nbl to shame with what we will do there.


    pressure, FSHUM on here, he is dying to help out and wants to do the site.
    I’d love to see an updated ehtbmx.org.


    That’s great…knowledge is power…

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