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    I saw someting that really pissed me off. Some jerk was yelling at his kid and damn near knocked the kid off the bike, walking through the pits. It looked like the kid was about to pass out. That is the type of thing i do not like to see. What really kills me is the parent who tells their kid what they are doing wrong on the track. There is away to do things. Instead of yelling, “Why didn’t you pedal harder” or Why did you let timmy pass you. Just be happy that your kid is out there trying and having fun.

    If you are a parent that has raced, then you are “qualified” to give your kid advice (but do not yell at him or her)But if YOU HAVE NEVER SET FOOT ON A TRACK then shut your hole. You have no right to yell at your kid for not trying hard enough. Why don’t you get out there and try it, it ain’t easy.

    I love it when a kid comes acrosst he line and mom and dad are there saying good job. Even if they got last. What I hate is when they come back to the sideline and thaere is the “angrydad”saying you did not try .

    In closing I do not have any kids, but i will go out of my way to help any kid or anyotherrider at the track if they need it. Btw Just because you bought johnny a 2,000dollar bike and a set of clip shoes. Do not think he or she is gonna go out there and win there first race. remember you were the one that wanted to spend the money, so do not use that excuse, Damn i wasted all that money and now my kid does not want to race. Maybe if you had been a little kinder your kid would still be racing.

    (This thread is not directed towardss anybody on this site.) But if you know someone that fits this desciption,showem this)


    nicely said dogg


    This was one of the reasons I got out of the Track Operator line of work…just coudn’t handle these types of parents after 23 years..it ruins the whole image of BMX racing. 👿

    Maybe someone should print this out, copy it, and post it at the tracks!


    I am a former rider,.. (working on getting back on the track) with 3 kids,.. 2 of which I am letting explore BMX right now,.. having had to learn BMX with shallow pockets,.. I know what expenses are needed and what can wait,.. I am printing out a copy of this thread to put on my Trackside Toolbox,… to hand to other folks,. and be able to read it myself,.. as a reminder. Just like everyone else here that has done any time on a track,.. or a little league field ,…. parents are stupid,..

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