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    I’m sitting here working on this poster and thinking about all the junk we always spew on here…ah the fun ol interwebicle sheeottalking.
    I do all this stuff, because it was sort of bred into me as a freestyle rider that if I want things to be fun, then I have to do it.
    But the reality of it is, I look at this as though it’s my sport.
    Mine…as in I’m a rider, I want input into what goes on.
    I want to have some control in how things are run, look, promoted, etc.

    The message here is that…if you’re hitting those teen years and starting to get up there and think you want to see things done different….
    Do it.
    Say to someone, “I don’t like this, or let me do it, or give me a shot at it”
    Let em try, tell them, “It’s your sport, you gotta do what you feel is right”

    BMX racing is not in a good spot right now, yea us core guys and guyettes are here but look around, if you aren’t loving this….you aren’t here.
    Now is the time to wrest control of this sport from those who aren’t putting 110% into something that you do.

    BMX was born by kids on bikes who liked to jump, that hasn’t changed in 30+ years. We have a mission and we know how to accomplish it, no one is going to do it for us.
    And no one else should.

    It would seem I am pumped back up again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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