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    just found this site and read a post about braddock bitd and everyone was mentioning all my old friends
    chriss williams
    marlon pearson
    kathy and john schackel
    wayne and leslie king
    all the gneccos
    vinnie cardone
    rory faison
    even billy seargent
    aside from billy seargent we all rode for cosmic wheel and yes cosmic ruled braddock we always won team trophy try and dispute it
    cosmic wheel rules and no one is better than john russo the only real racer bike shop in jersey
    all you guys my age i know youremember me cause i know you spent enough time chasin me on the track theres only one sarge and hes large and in charge
    i rofe a hutch pro racer i used to get free from the the nice people at thruster who my best friend chriss williams rode for

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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