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    as long as you let me eat a pizza (yes, a whole pizza) before the 12 beers, I’ll throw down with ya!

    What, and you thought I just ate too much?


    billwarn them.. i do that at nationals.. every national..and i do rather well.. so sign mu up for that race… please make this a reality.. im sure chris gulich will be up for that



    Come on Craig suck it up. No pizza.


    Just deal with it. Next thing you will want is no clips and no big jumps.


    did the beer thing at the Armory once, 15x, took at a bunch on the gate. In a main no less 😈


    you guys complaning about our second jump are a bunch of ninnys have you ever been to another track outside of jersy go to orlando and see some real stuff or southpark there jumps make ares look like pimples.bmx is supposed to be hard if you dont like it go join the boyscouts wah wah babys from the chubby kid


    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    If everyone looking at this could sneak a peek at my post at the bottom of this page.
    It references what a returning racer and his young son have to say.
    Look beyond the eyes of jaded old racer goggles and through the eyes of the little beginner kid.

    I re-read my post and I may have come off a little strong but I still stand behind my words. Listen, I’m a BMX Mom. I care about eveyone of the kids on the track and I would never want one of them to get hurt. I’m personally against anything bigger then a roller and I now have my son out for a couple of weeks because he has a severe contusion on his left hipbone (had him to the emergency room Thurs) and hymo-whatever (bruise) in his kidney area due to the handle bar he planted in his gut at Sunday’s race. And no it was not over the monster jump but a wash out in soft (crappy) sand. I still have to continue with testing because his kidney got a nice shot and there may be a problem. But you know what…..I don’t blame the track because that’s the down side of racing. I would never in a million years want one of my kids hurt but then it would come to the point of not letting them out of there room or experience life itself.

    If the jumps are so intimidating to the newbies, and I know they are because I was completely against the new doubles when they were first introduced a while back, then do something about it. Take the time on a Friday night and hold a free clinic on the side to help the rookies learn the skills. Adopt a new family and help them learn proper technique and bike maintenance. The most confusing thing I find in BMX is gear ratio. Help the newbie parents learn the skills to make them more comfortable.

    You take a look at the national plate numbers our homegrown kids are flashing and you old schoolers should be proud. Our kids are the benchmark of the Northeast division and give Conn a run for their money. Help others experience this, even if it’s on a state level, instead of planting fear in their heads. We can accomplish so much more with positives then negatives



    Hi Karen,
    Welcome to the site and like I said, everyone who helps out gets special status, so look for an upgrade on that rookie thing…
    I hope your son is gonna be fine (actually I know he is, ’cause he’s a BMXer!) and like you said a crash can happen anywhere on the track…I know this too dang well, lol!
    The rest of this is not fully directed at replying to Karen but getting the consensus viewpoint of a current situation out there.
    I finally see that jump at CJ as what it is, the dividing line, the point where everything changed in my mindset as far as BMX racing is concerned.
    I actually mentioned this to Vinnie on the 5th and I just saw the Jason Richardson interview today, (J-Rich is an ex-EHT local, and of course a top pro) and he said exactly what more than a few people have been saying.
    The time has come for us to have national level tracks where stuff is big, gnarly and “pro-level” and local tracks where kids “cut their teeth”.
    I was at HC today Hayden and Matt were there, with a bunch of “average” kids fixing the track, the reason they refused Rich C’s money…he wanted to dictate the layout of the track. They refused, of course, because they do what is good for the majority of the people who come to the track. The track looks great and rideable for all.
    As of right now, the hardest track to ride in the state is CJ. I stopped there today, (the freaking track looks incredible, the dirt on the sides of the jumps, great touch) and I looked at the doubles and I realized they are at my eye height. That is 6′, Vinnie did EXACTLY what I tried to tell everyone he would and mellowed out the middle so you don’t crash banging into the other side if you don’t clear it.
    But then I started to think about it and realized, 6′, 23′ apart, I can’t send beginners here to race. I can’t, it will turn them away.
    I respect all of you at CJ, but that jump belongs on a track that is for top expert and pro level riders. (yes, Vinnie I am saying your son jumps at the top expert level, proven by that FLAWLESS, turndown backflip I saw him do at Incline…AWESOME!)
    If the intent at CJ is to become a place where basically top guys show up to ride and race then that is cool, but if we are trying to grow racing, then not only are the big dubs too big, but the ones before the final turn are a bit too lipped out.
    Can I sit here and say all kinds of B.S., do this , do that, heck no, I’m not there all the time! But I can give you the perspective of what every average giving their dime to track racer is saying. This problem is indicative of the problems facing BMX today.
    My god, the NBL has you parents chasing nationals all over. When there is a Nat almost every weekend, there is a problem someplace. Myself and probably many others see this as a detachment of the NBL from the local scene. It bothers me to no end.
    I applaud all the National riders from NJ past and present, but we are shooting ourselves in the foot, can someone speak to the NBL and make them realize it is time for major top level changes.
    Oh and I would be more than willing to teach clinics, but you all have no idea how intimidating a track like CJ is to a beginner, it’s just, it’s hard to explain. I’ll see you tomorrow.


    Hello, my name is Dale, and I’ve been a part of CJ BMX since 1980. I was 7 years old at the time. CJ has been a huge part of my life, and always will be. I’ve seen people come and go all the time, with plenty of input. But I will still be here long after you will. Brett, in your post to Karen you said that you couldn’t send a rookie to Howell. Who are you to send anyone anywhere or do a clinic? CJ is a great track to learn on, because it teaches riders what to expect on a National level.

    Every rider who started at CJ was a rookie, including myself, and a few National #1 riders all started at Howell. (This is coming from someone who is 90% sure will never jump those doubles, even though I helped build them and wanted them that big to help me get better). I am not a jumper – I never was and never will be. My point being is that every track has different aspects. Some are flat power tracks, some are jumper tracks. CJ has a little of everything. If someone is afraid to jump it they can learn to roll it or manual it. If CJ was a flat track, how do you expect to compete against other riders at other tracks? Sounds like you are the one who is SCARED of this jump, not all the other riders. Instead of creating all these posts, go to the track and practice manualing.

    On Friday night, the track was horrible and sandy. There was a 4 or 5 year old kid that signed up and got a license that night. He practiced all night and fell all night, and was covered in dirt. I imagine in another week he will be able to roll over the big doubles. So rest your mind about sending a rookie to CJ – if a 5 year old kid can learn, anyone can. And besides, we’ve made it this long without your input.

    I’m not one to make a statement and then backpedal and do damage control on a website. I shoot from the hip and I don’t bullshit – I tell it like it is. If you have any other questions, come and talk to me personally – I will be at CJ tomorrow. If you need some help with the second double, come ask me and maybe I can help you learn how to roll over them. Or maybe I can have Phil set up a clinic for you.

    Dale (CJ BMX lifer)


    Hey Dale,
    Can I talk to ya tomorrow?
    I respect ya to much to let this get between two guys who love BMX


    And congratulations on being a new Dad!

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