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    ok i was lookiung in my bmx today and i saw that the NE champship in woodward is a regional championship and a national? how do they run this is it a regional one day and a nat. the other? or is it a national/ regional at the same time? im just boggled ❓


    they run the regional first. then its just like any other national.these races count for next years points.so you will be racing three times that weekend lots of fun and a good go kart track to


    The national is Saturday morning and the regional is Saturday evening, 45 minutes after the national finishes. Sunday is another national.


    getting info on this race is like finding out national security secrets! I am planning on going there with the wife and kids and tenting…anyone who has been there, can you tell me if there are showers available? Restrooms (other than port o potties)? Food? And, how the hell do you sign up for the regional?? I see everything for the National, but no regional championship stuff. Can I assume that if you are just going to race the championship, you only need to race Saturday?

    Thanks, in advance.


    Loren, it’s like move up points, triple super secret, shhhh, don’t tell anyone.


    For that remark you are now on double super secret nbl points probation. One more remark on “how things are hard to find” will lead to expulsion of all of hamblin house. 😆


    Entry forms are in the BMX Today and you can also register online on the NBL site. There was food available and port-o-potties no showers except in the cabins.


    i think there are showers in the mens/ ladies rooms near the pool. i didnt personally use them but 2 yrs ago a few of the people we knew who camped used them and they said the ladies one was very clean. that year it was really warm out and kids also swam in the pool there as well.

    just remember anywhere you camp tent or rv) or park is a hike to the track so bringing something with wheels ( like a dolly or hand truck) is a plus.coolers w/wheels are highly recommended.

    the go carts are a separate price ( i think $5/ few laps) and parts of the skate park is a pay one price wrist band for the day like $30 i think so bring the cashu with you if you have a few kids…lol… food is decent in the canteen just remember everything is pricey so if you make sandwiches or bring your own drinks you will be ahead of the game.


    Guess what…there is none! According to the NBL website, there is no prerace because of the Regional Championship. So, I call the NBL and the nice lady tells me that it is true, there is no pre-race because of the championship race (I did ask the obvious question…what the hell does Friday night have to do with Saturday afternoon, she did not know), and that the listing in NBL Today was a misprint. So, I ask if there is practice or anything on Friday and she thought there would be, but was not sure (and did not offer to find out). I asked if the fine people at Woodward might know and she said it would be a good idea to call…

    I call Woodward and ask if there is practice on Friday evening since the NBL tells me there is no prerace. She proceeds to read me the prerace practice schedule from the NBL and that the prerace is at 6:30… I tell her that I just got off the phone with the NBL and theytell me there is no prerace…her reply? “were just hosting it”

    is it me or WTF?@!

    anyone been to this before that can tell me how they did it in the past? Or is this new this year.



    Last year and the year before the regional was Sat night and no prerace on Friday.


    misprints suck….
    Steve McMurray…ai yai yai…
    Maybe I can sneak into the nbl as proofreader…
    better yet we sneak the real proofreader in…Janeen… 💡


    i believe if i remember correctly….you cant get into the camp til 12noon( coming from a campers perspective) and they did have a practice 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 with the alternating 13 under/ 14 over scenerio….. i dont think they had any pre race.. the reason they did away with the racing on friday night ( orig it was the regional championship on friday night and the national was sat/sun) was that alot of racers had to take off from school on fri to make it there in time for the race and i was told that they( powers that be) decided forcing the riders/ families to take off of school was not a good idea anymore( parents complained) this was the year of the woodward hurricaine if i remember correctly, then the make up was at westmoreland…. friday was all day practice, sat was national followed by reg champ, then national on sunday… i believe its been like that ever since..

    hope this helps


    If you go to the NBL site (http://www.nbl.org) and click on “Regionals” it gives the correct schedule for the weekend.


    It also says that the day 1 NAT. and the REG. CHAMP. well be 2 moto transfer !


    yes both races on sat are always 2 moto transfer(buy 3 get 2 what a bargain!)

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