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    Iwas looking at the website and saying to myself. It does not really scream “come out and race” Not tyring to say it sucks, but to the average person it is bland.Just wondering is there a way it can be “helped”. once again i am not”calling anyone out” But when i look at the website and then i see that the cjbmx and eht site and this site, iwould think we would want the state site to be up to par. If i had the knowledge i would volunteer myself. But me and puter’s do not get along that well.


    Ant’s starting again


    Ant, you don’t know it, but you really stepped in it this time! First, a disclaimer…I have had a few tonight, but in all seriousness, I mean NO personal offense to anyone that may think I am referring to them. That being said, if we want to advance this sport, we all have to put down our shields and be open minded. We can all look to someone like Bob Tedesco and wonder when it is he lost touch. It is much more personal when someone steps up with an idea that affects what we personally have worked hard at building and preserving.
    This is what I got out of this weekend: There are a great many persons involved with various aspects of BMX in New Jersey. Most, if not all, are in it for the right reasons, BUT, we all (again, usually for good reasons)want to control our own personal fiefdom. It could be that you don’t want someone to potentially screw up what you have put long hours into. We ALL need to step back, look at where BMX racing is today, and where we would like to see it go in the future. With the olympics coming up, we have a great opportunity. The first thing we need to do is get new riders to the track. The second thing is to make them want to come back. Lets not blow it for personal reasons on any side. We ALL need to let go of a little bit of our piece of the pie to make it work for everyone. I may be inviting a serious flaming here, but all the arguing and the ‘you can’t do that’ means exactly that! Sorry if I am rambling…Loren


    Loren – you seem to do your best writing when you’ve had a couple. 😀

    That said, sorry I was unable to make it to this weekend’s inaugural UBMXRC meeting but I’m on board with the cause and Loren’s rant appears to sum it up and gave me a glimpse of what I missed.

    That said, viva la revolution!!

    One step at a time, but we gotta keep taking those steps.


    Never judge another man’s website until you have walked a mile in his bandwidth…


    Let me clarify my thing about fiefdoms was not directed at the NJBMX website. In fact, I found myself protecting my own part when I heard people talking about the HC track. Later I realized I needed to be open also.


    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    Never judge another man’s website until you have walked a mile in his bandwidth…

    ha, ha! lol…. this is my first post here and i feel that the njbmx site can be a little refreshed, ive seen alot of low bandwith sites that look absolutely great but i think it just looks alittle “dated” Thats my opinion i would love to help, but i just started programming this year( im 15) and i’m not that knowledgeable 🙁


    next time you see me at the track, talk to me and I will give you every piece of software I have, as well as manuals on webdesign.
    nothing lasts forever and it’s up to you guys to step it up…
    i look forward to the day that a guy comes up to me and says brett….the sites a little tired man…

    not like it isn’t already, lol, i mean 6 months in internet time is 6 years!


    I have to agree with alot that is being said in this forum. Bottom line is we ALL need to listen to one another for this to work. If not then getting new riders and promoting wont work. This is going to be an uphill process in this sport and I think we all know it. BMX missed the first shot at becoming a globally recognized sport let us learn from the first two go arounds (the Road to Glory and the X GAmes) to not make the same mistakes. The sport needs to evolve and be allowed to grow. Accept new ideas from anyone and talk about it and take the good ideas and run with it. Bottom line BMX is cool…. People accept that and understand that but at this point we need to make this sport EVEN COOLER. Come on how psyched do you think a 13 year old or 25 year old or a 10 year old girl or whatever would be if we had a podium for the top three to stand on at the major races. Come on you don’t think word would travel to one anothers friends. I was one of the first people in the NBL to suggest the Holeshot award to Bob and the regional directors and look how that took off. I got the idea from supercross… It all starts with an idea and with this new group forming to work together hopefully we can get BMX back on track to be where it needs to be…..


    like the podium idea… imagine those little guys with their trophies standing up there…it would even spark folks to buy more pictures which is good for the picture guy at any track as well…. it wouldnt be that hard to make i would think someone with some wood-working skills could make one??( i am dangerous with a knife cutting a bagel so dont even suggest it..haha)

    i agree we may have missed the boat in the past but with all this enthusiasm and new ideas it can only get better…

    my sons worlds podium shot and trophy ( even though it was back when he was 11) is his most coveted posession- 5 yrs later it still sits there on the table and nothing crowds it…haha


    It all sounds good, but then you wil have the crowd that will whine about it taking too long, at least it we could announce everyones name on the gate I think that would be a great start


    I used to do that at braddock all the time, makes kids and parents feel a little better about dropping the dime, ya know?


    names on the gate is a great idea. they used to do it all the time… now it seems even at the regionals everyone is in a hurry and its forgotten… even in the mains… how can you announce if they have the race before finishing up and 1/2 way thru they drop the next gate?? they would have to wait till the main in front is done first and apparently they dont like to do that anymore ( ex cept for the pros)


    ok, I gotta bottom line this….
    The free race flyer is gonna be done as soon as Lisa gets it to the print shop. We got a free race bike hanger that just got done as well, though that was done speicifically for CJBMX, ’cause Vinnie asked me.
    oh, yea….bottom line.
    njbmx.org needs to be fixed it lags significantly behind what we are doing here. I am volunteering to fix the site so it can be updated easily by anyone. What does this mean?
    If Janeen has the points done…poof they are on the front page, easy as ..dung… and she doesn’t have to email them to someone or wait for someone, she can do it.
    We can appoint admins to get stuff up there easy on the front page.
    Rain out?
    BOOM, check NJBMX…cause Les, Vin or Matt can put a one day update right there.
    PLUS, with 10,000 flyers about to be printed with njbmx.org on them, we need something out there that makes us look professional.


    Brett, would love to see the free race hanger for CJ, I have asked about something like it for HC…big brick wall comes to mind.

    As for the website, sounds great…not going there.

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