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    Guys, I’m pretty much finished with the content.
    My vision and again this is just me…
    is that njbmx.org is where you go and easily find information on NJ BMX racing, when we meet up I’ll explain it more to everyone.
    Basically next year all the “official” stuff that was going on here, will be handled there
    points, jerseys, registration forms, knowing WTF is going on at state meetings, having the tracks be able to update things like rainouts in one place.
    and sell advertising space.

    The site is very easy to maintain and update and I can train anyone to use it in an hour.

    That’s what I got as far as njbmx.org is concerned. so go there njbmx.org/online and see what ya think.

    It can also VERY easily evolve as the year goes on.

    Lest anyone think I will suddenly be writing stories on there, nuh uh.
    That is what media sites (brokenspokes) are for.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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