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    (The following is my opinion and I have not posted this because anybody has put me up to it. If you are offended at anything I say, don’t blame Brett or this site. TALK TO ME! My email is Dave.Kapigian@gmail.com)

    Perhaps I’m beating a dead horse because this isn’t news to anyone with half a brain but even after retiring from BMX I have to finally say something.

    Some times for laughs I check out njbmx.org. The random picture that came up on the site today was Colin Varanyak. That kid hasn’t raced for years. What an awesome site! There’s the hideous backgrounds, flashing, blinking text and animated nonsense. Nevermind the fact that it hasn’t really been updated since 99 and you can still find four year old Tyler Ringwood’s page on it. Oh, and do you have X10 in your home? You should!!!!

    That site is atrocious. Thank god it’s finally being handed over to somebody who cares.

    When I saw it today it highlighted the absolute sickness that has taken over NJ BMX. People who get into BMX with good intentions but then wear out their welcome. For those of you that are doing that, (and you know who you are) just quit. Don’t worry about who will run things after you’re gone. That’s not your concern. Do what the Demolas did. Once their sons quit racing, they resigned. It’s the sensible thing to do.

    BMX in NJ has some real sickness with people who won’t resign because they are control freaks, people that are stealing YOUR money from the tracks, people that are fighting any kind of change and progress. It’s sick.

    The sad thing is it’s the kids that suffer when sick people refuse to give up control. I still think BMX is the greatest sport in the world but it’s being strangled here in NJ. That’s one of the reasons I quit. I seriously can’t imagine the insanity that is happening in NJ is happening in any other state. I hope to god it isn’t.

    Thank god the website will be brought up to 2007. For those of you trying to make changes, keep fighting. And that doesn’t mean pontificating about what should be done. Get off the god damned internet and do something!

    For those who’ve gotten to the point they hate what they’re doing but for some sick reason refuse to leave, just leave. You’re not helping the kids, you’re only hurting them.


    For those of you trying to make changes, keep fighting.

    Ok, but just cause you’re so damn sexy Dave… jeesh.

    And that doesn’t mean pontificating about what should be done. Get off the god damned internet and do something!

    Thanks for backing me on that one.


    Dude, I know how you felt when HC was not into using the PA at their qualifiers and what we had to do there.
    It was bullshit.

    And do you believe that Matt had the audacity to say that the wireless mic was no good at the EHT race a few weeks back? AFTER I went and used it and it worked fine. I don’t understand these things.

    Not understanding how to use something does not make it bad.


    I agree totally. Its time for these people to go.


    Just so ya know I am still awaiting the decision on what they the name to be for the new site.


    it should be noted that nothing has been handed over to me, the changes made at the meeting were the following:

    njbmx inc would submit for free lifetime webhosting to dreamhost.com. because they allow 501c3’s free webhosting (remember my rants about non-profit charitable organizations?)
    ~we did and now whatever NJBMX site there is will have unlimited free hosting~

    a new name for the official NJBMX site would be chosen and that name would be owned by NJBMX Inc. itself.

    to allow for flexibility of new people helping out on doing the site, the username and passwords would be held by NJBMX Inc.

    I also made it clear that in no way was this about me wanting the NJBMX Inc site but it was about allowing the people who do the actual riding control of the site that dispenses official BMX racing info for NBL NJBMX. Which Lee Matos has stepped up and said he would do the design work for the state. (To that I shall add that no one is gonna stifle this young dudes creative juices for what he wants to do…hable?)
    What really made me sick was that the only people who voted against changing this was the EHT reps, when it was one of their OWN ALUMNI LEE, who stepped up and said he would design it.

    But again nothing was given to anyone, but something was given to everyone. I know what you’re saying though Dave, in effect the site was given to the state.

    So at this point it’s just a matter of picking a name…
    web design stuff isn’t hard for an old fart like me, I’m sure MCE certified Lee will just have no problem at all…




    Dave for commishoner!!!!!


    I don’t want to be comissioner. I retired, remember? Scott Cranmer’s a good guy in a tough position. He’s caught between the people that need to leave and the people that want change.

    For whoever uses the PA system this weekend (and it better get used) there’s a AAA battery in the headset itself that should be fresh and you have to actually wear the headset for it to work. The tiny but excellent microphone under the windscreen faces your mouth when you WEAR the headset.


    Caveman why dont you comeback for the finals to anounce and the proam.I know the parents and kids would like to hear you on the mic.


    yes that would be great…since you know the pa system and then we can be assured it will be used properly… its a shame that someone makes a donation such as this and others look a gift horse in the mouth..by not using it… you are a great announcer and make the race more exciting for sure….

    you can then decide to “retire” once the state season is over…


    Dave was a great part of a new team but quite frankly after having the HC crew bust his balls on getting the PA setup at their state race, I completely understand his decision to retire from actively helping BMX racing in NJ.

    It is time for people who want to see change in BMX racing in NJ to make a stand. Some may say, well how is retiring helping?, when a person makes it known why they do something it is much different than just skulking away.

    Which is why this website will not be covering the NBL State Championship at HC.
    Mistreating my girlfriend, my friends, using foul language at state meetings, impeding any sort of progress, etc. is not helping the sport of BMX racing in NJ. For far too long BMX racing was mishandled in this state and if it takes rebuilding the house of BMX racing in NJ, then so be it.


    Sorry, I was out of town this weekend. I hope everything went well. Sounds like there was good and bad.

    Acutally I was at a crazy huge organized 100 mile road ride. 5500 people from around the country came to ride road bikes around Salisbury, MD. I can’t believe how many road riders there are in this country.

    BMX is still way cooler and should be ten times as big. Don’t let a few people ruin it. Keep fighting. I gave instructions with it but if you need help with the PA system, let me know.


    Haaaaa, Glenn found the directions on the mixer after we got it all set up, thanks goes out ot Mr Eisenhardt (spelling) for his help!!!!


    Seagull Century. Great Ride. I did it back in the ninties.

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