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    Just wanted to throw out here that Rodney’s son hit up his first race this past weekend at HC and went home all stoked on BMX.
    Rod is the ace BMX mechanic for High Gear Cyclery in Stirling, but his main BMXing background is flatland.
    So right there you have a guy who promotes BMX whether it is freestyle or racing. His younger son will be hitting it up as soon as the training wheels pop off.
    To us old guys who have been around forever, there is no street, vert, flat, race..etc., classification, it’s just BMX, get on your bike and have a good time.
    That’s the roots of BMX and that’s what needs to be pushed in order to wake people up.
    BMX is not football, baseball, soccer,…it’s more akin to skating, snowboarding, surfing.
    Ride your bike everywhere you can and talk to everyone you can, and we can break the “BMX is a little kids sport” stereotype.


    I have been doing more and more of this Brett.

    There are two bike shops I frequent. One is more hard-core in attitude and the other is more “retail”, and I have been to both on my cruiser and I get alot of questions. “What is that?” is the usual response because there is nothing else like it in the store.

    The cool thing about the more “retail” shop is I have had the opportunity to talk to some kids when I’ve been there. The easy access highway location attracts families pretty well. I write the website on the back of my biz card and tell them what to look for if they visit the site. I even promoted the site to some street/dirt jump types who had not heard about it yet. Those guys really did not know what to make of a 38yr old on a BMX bike.

    For some reason I do not run into as many kids at the more “core” shop, but the staff seems to appreciate what I am doing more. They say they will help out by posting my results on their website. I will let you know how that goes.

    I haven’t gotten down to my main street on my 20 yet, but I expect to see alot of kids there when I do, and there is a BMX Jam sponsored by Animal at Cycle Craft, Parsippany June 24th & 25th. Depending on the race schedule, I might go there and do some promoting one of the two days. You can call Jim at 973-227-4462 for more info or visit their website.

    Let’s keep it going! We are all ambassadors of the sport!


    Rodney – congrats on your kid’s first race!


    does anyone know if high gear cycle bought out millburn bicycles? my son said he went by there the other day and they had a new sign outside. just wondering if its the same owners as the one in sterling.

    we could sure use more bmx-minded shops up here in north jersey…

    good luck to your son as he starts his long journey( hopefully) enjoying the sport of bmx racing…. im sure he will love it as much as many of our kids have…once you try it you are usually hooked!


    thanks to all to answer YEs we high gear cyclery did buy millburn about a year ago not so much into bmx yet but if you need anything let me know Im the service manager and bmx buyer for the stirling store. Slowly building bmx back into the shops pulling one at a time away from mail order


    wow thats great to know. i know we used to go there to check out their shoe selection they had the best selection in clips (in stock)…also oscar at bikeland in chatham had a decent race shoe collection.

    glad to know bmx is making a comback in local shops i hate to shop online but my son usually needs things last min so you know how that goes….

    a few of his friends just got jobs at high gear/sterling shop i have to ask him who they are… thanks for the info

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