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    I have an idea on how we can get this book thing, at least get the info all in one spot…going…
    publishing and the like. I’m lost,lol


    I previously posted the Toms River track was on Hooper Ave. It was actually at the top of Fischer Blvd just before Hooper Ave.


    OK Craig I’ll add Toms River soon to the master list at catalogofbmx.com
    What sanction was it and what years did it run do you remember?
    Any pics from it anyone? Anyone have any drawings they made bitd of any of the tracks or ones they can do from memory.


    It was ABA. It ran in 1984 from what I remember. I do not recall if it survived into 1985.


    wow, yeah the toms river track!! I remember racing that pretty often, what about Clayton, NJ, what was the name of that track down there in S. Jersey? ABA?


    Was Toms River ABA? I swear I remember racing a State Series race there in ’84 or ’85. Maybe it switched before we started racing there.

    Don’t forget Long Branch.That was definitely NBL.
    Weird track. Small. The starting gate was positioned so that you could race the track in either direction. Very little room to park. It was right behind a bike shop. Can’t remember the name of the shop.


    Beacon bikes right across the street from the beach. The year It closed the year i started racing even though they mailed me a schedule. I might still even have it.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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