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    To the athletes, coaches and those concerned:

    Hilliard, OH – September 13, 2007 – The National Bicycle League (NBL) would like to issue the following statement regarding the 2008 National and regional series races.

    We will be charging a $5.00 fee for bike inspection at all National and regional races for the 2008 season. This fee will start at are first National in Woodward PA on September 29-30.



    bullshit. i just won’t get my bike inspected. after all these years how can you justify adding this on? the nbl doesn’t make enough money from the $50 entry fee? Everytime someone “inspects” my bike all they do is look at it for mabey ten seconds. how is that in any way worth $5 dollars.


    Hey, Jim, I heard they were gonna install things to charge a dollar on the porta johns


    Ya know whats funny, Rich Farside, Jeff Eletto, Fred and I were all just joking about this while we were in Kentucky! I can’t believe they have the balls to charge for this!

    I’v seen some shit on bikes at races that shouldn’t be there……….why even bother at all?

    When are they gonna start charging for the porta-potties?

    1$ for # 1
    2$ for # 2

    I know that’s gross but what’s next?


    @RaidenHayden wrote:

    Hey, Jim, I heard they were gonna install things to charge a dollar on the porta johns

    You just beat me to the porta-pottie joke!


    before anyone gets too bent out of shape, theres nothing on the NBL website about this that i could find…….secondly, think for a minute…if they did implement their $5.00 rule and had you pay to have one of their officials inspect your bike and all is deemed O.K by him/her…you or your child goes out and races, something breaks and someone gets hurt…..they have taken the accountability of the bike being safe, you have paid for that inspection….we’re talking lawsuits out the arse in a very short amount of time


    ABA is starting to look pretty good right about now, and Bill the NBL is probabaly waiting untill tommorrow to announce the restroom charge. dealing with one load of shit at a time


    Since you guys seem to be able to bite on anything, I have some prime real estate in Florida I would love to sell you guys.

    All I have to say is……… 🙄


    Can we all say…………….DUH!!!!!

    How gullible are we. We all know that this is not true, but all of you are sucked right in. Please.

    This is not true, just someone trying to create DRAMA!

    Do you honestly think Bob Tedesco would post on this site or any site at that matter.

    RUMORS are TROUBLE! Don’t be foolish and get sucked in.


    yeah, i think its just a joke.. but knowing the NBL it will implment it soon… plus parts break… thats not always do to a fault inspection even though they aren’t Thorough in the least…….. Pro paintball is looking really mega awesome… http://www.pbnation.com … over 300,000 members pros/newbs/ teams/ everything…. all leagues .. over 3000 vistiors a DAY!!!!


    you are all not really believing this are you??

    come on


    someone is pulling your leg


    good call. didn’t really think that one out haha


    This is the exact reason that a few people who shall go nameless don’t take you guys seriously.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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