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    I hear the nbl is looking for a few good people…
    Think this would impress them?
    or make ’em laugh…

    Brett Middaugh
    461 Silverton Rd. Brick, NJ 08723
    OBJECTIVE To promote the lifestyle and creativity of BMX riding

    • Website Design
    • Photography
    • Riding Ability
    • Ramp Building Knowledge
    • Dirt Jump Building Knowledge
    • Full Time IT Technician
    • Computer Administration
    • Announcer


    Announcer, Braddock BMX Moto-X Raceway. 1980-1983
    North Bergen, NJ
    • Race announcer.
    • Score Keeper.
    • General Track Maintenance.

    Manager, High Voltage BMX Trick Team 1984-1992
    Various Locations, NJ
    • Promoter.
    • Ramp Builder.
    • Rider.

    Assistant, PAFA Freestyle Contest Series 195-1990
    • Officiated and ran contests
    • Judged ramp and freestyle contests
    • Ramp builder
    • Announcer
    • Participant

    Manager, General Bicycles BMX Freestyle Team 1988-1989 East Rutherford, NJ
    • Promoter.
    • Ramp Builder.
    • Rider.

    President, New Jersey Freestyle League 1991-1993
    South Plainfield, NJ
    • Organizer
    • Promoter
    • Ramp Builder
    • Announcer

    Manager, Ramp-Ateria 1991-1993
    South Plainfield, NJ
    • Ramp Builder
    • Manager
    • Rider Liaison

    Assistant, NBL 2B National Freestyle Series 1991-1992
    Various Locations, USA
    • Scorekeeper
    • Announcer
    • Ramp Builder

    Advisor, Jump For Joy BMX Contest Series 1993-1995
    Various Locations, NJ
    • Advisor To The Series

    Supervisor, Marbelite Co., Inc. 1993 – Present
    Manasquan, NJ
    • Production Supervisor
    • IT Administrator

    Owner, Brokenspokes.net Website 2004 – Present
    • Website Designer
    • Content Provider
    • Photographer

    Designer, CJBMX.org Website 2005 – Present
    • Website Designer
    • Photographer

    Publisher, NJBMX Szine 2005 – Present
    • Editor
    • Designer

    1983 Top 10 ABA District Racing Champion
    1984 #1 ABA District Cruiser Champion
    1987 PA AFA Overall Freestyle Champion
    1986 PA AFA Freestyle Team Champion
    1987 PA AFA Freestyle Team Champion
    1991 #4 NBL National Flatland Freestyle Rider
    1992 #1 NBL National Flatland Freestyle Rider
    1992 #1 NBL National Street Freestyle Rider
    First Freestyle Team To Perform At US Cycling Hall Of Fame Thanks To Bob Warnicke

    Available upon request

    I’d be willing to bet if half the guys on here sat down and put together something like this…it would have even more junk than I have on it.
    Any BMX experience on this site?


    I think I would use up the whole internet if I tried to post my experience! 😯

    Kevin at Plains Bike


    My job resume used to be longer than that before I got into the mortgage biz 6 years ago. Every year at Christmas my brother used to ask “so where are you working now?” 😀


    ….um, I did actually want people to post their BMX experience…

    I was hoping to start a nice positive “experienced” people thread.


    Track builder,97-98
    National official 97- till even the Mass nat ABA of coarse


    “What have you done for me lately Eddie”????????????


    1988:Co-sponsored TC Cycles and Heavy Equipment Clothing.

    *Second place flatland at TC Cycles Contest

    1988-1993 Rode underground lots, street in New Brunswick and Skate Parks in NY,PA,NJ…….

    *Various Contest Placings..locally
    *Stunt boy flat 20th place Chicago BS Comp 1993
    *First place flatland at Rampage Skatepark Iowa 1993

    1994:Sponsored by Shuvit Clothing,Peregrine Bicycles,Pocono Gateway Bikeshop…
    *Stuntboy Flat 16th place Chicago BS Comp 1994
    *King Of New York Round 1 Second place Flatland 1994
    *Mysterious Flatland Comp in Maryland forgot the placing.


    *BS Comp in California 5th place stunt boy flat
    *Mysterious Flatland Comp Riverside California 2nd place B-PRO
    *King Of New York Flatland—Got first at one of them and second at another.

    1996-1997 Rode underground mostly probably the best riding I ever did.

    Cosponsors:Shuvit,Nice Skate Shoes,Pergrine,Primo,Hoffman Bikes(flow),Odyssey,Pocono Gateway Bikes…..

    *First real Pro Comp in Toronto Canada got 12th out of 40 riders…….

    *Impact Skatepark 1st place PRO Flat
    *King Of New York 1st Place Pro Flat

    It was only me ,Ed and Mike Wilson.

    Magazine coverage

    Several shots in Orbit
    Full page Blue V-Monster tire add in Bmxplus
    20 inch video magazine–in several of them
    Full metal sprocket-Video made by Oklahoma Locals.
    Small picture in the first issue of Tread

    Video Work

    Shot footage for Ells Bells Hoice Video
    Created Doses Videos 1,2 and 2.5

    I was also known for selling sponsors stuff to get from jam to jam,building wheels for food and assembling or fixing bikes on the fly…………

    I also worked at Tip Plus for under a year doing warehouse then sales.My region being the East Coast.

    Other than the occasional session I do nothing but piss people off……….


    Other than the occasional session I do nothing but piss people off……….

    Usually for speaking your mind.
    Gets me in trouble as well.
    And damn man, you were a busy m-fer while I was gone.


    shit i was in orbit also…

    you have any extra copies???


    I have copies of both issues somewhere……I will see if I can dig them up……

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