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    Brett: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

    Farside: Iron Maiden.

    Hayden: Jimmy Buffet.

    Mahgen: Beastie Boys.

    Rich C: Boy George.

    Ant: Eric B and Rakim.

    Craig: Johny Cash.

    Did I get close? 😆


    You forgot one

    Leadsled: Wham


    Yo hommie. I saw Katrina and the waves & Wham in 86 I think? Good call.

    (my mom dragged me to that concert)

    Caveman: Village People.


    leadsled arent you a closet village people fan!


    I heard the Phantom likes Marlyn Mansion in a “I admire his breast implants” kind of way. 😆


    (my mom dragged me to that concert)

    Dragged???? I’m sure. You were singing wake me up before you go-go the whole way and you know it.

    I SO did not like the Village People. I was a Menudo fan. Get it right.

    Farside’s got Van Halen written all over him. Of course back then, what BMXer didn’t?
    Hayden to me says Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Guns n Roses, all that. He used to look like Slash.


    Dave, Jess, You are both right, I have every Buffet album ever, and my fave metal album was a toss between 666, and Piece Of Mind, both by Iron Maiden. I thought Craig was the resident Village People fan


    Johnny Cash????? Not even close.

    I was eclectic in my musical tastes BITD:

    Here are some of the first tapes in my first car:

    REM – Chronic Town
    Van Halen – 1984
    Ratt – forgot name of tape but it had Round & Round on it.
    Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast
    Huey Lewis and the News – Sports (I think that was the name)
    Weather Report – Heavy Weather (really good Jazz – I played some of their stuff in high school Jazz Band – yes, I’m a band fag – I played trumpet)
    The Police
    Oingo Boingo – I saw these guys in NYC, I think at the old Ritz – cool show.
    Billy Joel

    I told you it was eclectic.

    My mom listened to country, not me, but I’ll admit it – I have a Travis Tritt tape, but only because he does an awesome cover of an old Elvis tune – T.R.O.U.B.L.E.


    Ratt-Out of the Cellar


    I will admit attending the following concerts / shows in the 80’s:

    Heart – cheesy on the new stuff, but they rocked the old stuff like Barracuda

    Mister Mister – g/f dragged me to Great Adventure for that one

    White Tiger – same thing

    The Tubes – same thing

    Howard Jones – again, same thing, except at Continental Arena

    Echo and the Bunnymen (dont ask – at Rutgers – same g/f)

    Steve Winwood doing his new stuff at the time – but at least he did some old stuff.

    38 Special with Bon Jovi as the warm up (a good show except for 38 Special sellin out on the new stuff)

    Screamin Blue Messiahs – Hayden’s other band (ha-ha). I have no clue how I ended up at that one.


    David Bowie Glass Spider tour with Squeeze as the warm up

    The Cure (at MSG – can you say contact high?)

    But, to shock you all, I saw Grateful Dead at Giants Stadium (right after a Mountain Bike race). G/F had tix. It was an experience.

    Those are not all the shows I went to, but the 80’s definitely were interesting.


    johnny cash fucking rules!!!


    Oh because i am a “black guy” you list rap music! 😆
    Just kidding


    And thanks to my Ipod, I’m in Margaritaville heaven everywhere I go!!! 😯 , I put some sand on the floor of my pickup, and I’m good to go !!!


    Ant, I was thinking more of the attitude. 😆

    David Bowie Glass Spider tour with Squeeze as the warm up

    Went to that as well. My dad had the license plate BOWIE.


    Katrina and the Waves/Wham (see above)

    George Michaels (see above again, mom wouldn’t go alone. She paid for the racing……….)

    Cinderella/Bon Jovi


    Pat Benitar (Played at the E-club on base in San Diego)

    Metallica/Guns and Roses (when the stage caught on fire in San Diego)


    @RaidenHayden wrote:

    And thanks to my Ipod, I’m in Margaritaville heaven everywhere I go!!! 😯 , I put some sand on the floor of my pickup, and I’m good to go !!!

    Get Sirius Satelite Radio allready BILL!!!! Margarittaville 24/7!!!

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