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    I would like to propose a meeting with everyone who seems to have an interest in BMX in NJ.
    I’d like to do this sometime in March in a central location in New Jersey.
    Somewhere between, say Edison-Toms River.
    This will not be about njbmx or the state or any of that, but will be about getting some people together who care about BMX in an informal manner to discuss plans on where to go in the future.
    It would also be helpful if people brought any contact information they have for people who can help, Rec Dept, State Parks, etc.
    Anyone who has an idea or contact for any form of BMX is welcome.
    This includes skatepark owners, track directors, riders….everyone.

    1st I need a location.
    2nd A date.

    The only difference this time is that when we walk away from this one, we must have an idea on how to make BMX accesible to more people than ever before.

    Please give me all suggestions below.
    I could also use some help on organizing this.
    Emails, phone calls, etc.

    I’ve been going about a few things the wrong way and think this will be the thing to make a difference.

    Only the sincere need apply.



    This will not be a b**ch session but an idea and planning session.


    Ya see guys and gals,
    people have a tendency to come here and voice complaints, concerns basically speak whatever is on their mind.
    Well there comes a time when you have to stop talking and realize it’s time to start doing.
    I can not continue to plod along pushing this idea myself.
    I get pm’s quite often from people who have great ideas and want to somehow make it happen.
    If you all sat down together and actually came up with a plan you’d be surprised at what you all could accomplish.
    Pete, Bill, Ant, Rich, Jaylamoon, Dave, Dave, Dave, Rodney, Rich, Glenn, Craig, Paulkka, Mike, Debbie, Brian, Jesse, Grabel, Jeff, Lisa, Vinny, Scott, Donna, Phil, Timmy, Jimmy…. everyone who believes in this thing whether they have been here for years or just a short while
    All of you could make incredible things happen because you really care about BMX.
    A lot of us were trying to figure out how to “fix” NJBMX.
    That isn’t the solution.
    The solution is to grow recognition of BMX in New Jersey.
    We can’t do this by hiding in the shadows and talking amongst ourselves.
    You have to do it by shouting how freaking great what you are doing is from the mountaintops.
    You may notice that I put that tagline on my site,
    “The worst thing to happen to NJ BMX in 10 years”.
    Yea, I did it with sarcasm.
    Someone mentioned it and when I thought about it, I realized how absurd it was.
    Suddenly people are talking about BMX in NJ again, new, old, participant, spectator, wannabe…whatever.
    They are talking.
    Some bad, MOST good.
    Look at the news on the front page.
    See any negativity?
    Look at the forums, take a real look.
    Weight the negative with the positive.
    The real answer is more good has been done here in 1 year than in the past 5.
    People are beginning to care again.
    This “upswing”, is due to promotion.
    Look what we are doing, aren’t we great?!!
    I could go on for awhile here but it would be pointless.

    We need,
    more BMX racing tracks,
    more BMX practice tracks,
    more public skateparks that allow BMX bikes,
    more people putting stuff in schools,
    more people putting stuff in businesses,
    more people just handing stuff out.

    I can’t do it alone.
    You all can’t do it alone.
    WE can do it all.
    Now, who here wants to start acting like an adult and do what the people before us did and start some new things happening.


    Brett i am pretty sure i can get al from cjs to come. And we could do it at my place. Parking is not that much of a problem. I have plenty of space ,but I have offerd my place before and well you know. al has contacts with the city of edison and woodbridge.


    im game.. can i bring a keg?


    edit: nevermind i remembered i wont be around for the majority of march…. cant wait to be in FLA for spring break


    How about actually having it at CJS after hours?


    Dude i live in edison. And dave you can bring a keg.My wife is cool with the idea.


    HIs shop is to small for that many people.


    Listen My wife is cool with it. If yall want give me a date. The afternoon is the best.


    Dude i live in edison

    yea AntDog i know u live in edison…. i live in east brunswick but go to school in edison, so it’s not far at all…. u live right by menlo right?


    what shop?


    Tim 5 minutes from menlo next to rosevelt park.


    Ok, I’m gonna be honest here.
    I like you guys, but a kegger at Ant-Dogs is not professional.
    Someone needs to find a place that we can have a real sit down meeting, like a small hall or such.
    It doesn’t matter to me personally if that goes down, but I see a lot of people who have energy and ideas that don’t seem to get listened to.
    If anyone cares to help champion “the cause”, cool.
    If not, I’ll just keep doing my site and zine and having fun.


    I offerd up my place cause it is free. And a relaxed atmosphere. And we can have the meeting first then “crack the keg”.

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